Urban Meyer To Fox Sports But For How Long?

Former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer is close to joining Fox Sports as a college football analyst, according to the Sporting News.

Could this be a one-year before Meyer gets a call from USC?

He would have to want to coach again. He would need to be paid a lot of money. He would need to want to work for Lynn Swann. And Swann would have to not botch the negotiations. So many pitfalls!


21 thoughts on “Urban Meyer To Fox Sports But For How Long?

    1. Exactly! We only need to get Fox Sports to take Helton in place of Meyer next year and we’re good to go!


      1. MG, that is a win-win! I think that Clay’s folksy charm would work well with viewers! Would “like” the post if Scott’s blog technology allowed me to do that.

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      2. “16 people are talking about this”

        C’mon, owns, there are 4th grade bake sales that are making a bigger splash than this.


  1. Lynn Swann isn’t smart enough nor does he have the power to take the initiative to pursue Urban Meyer and Urban Meyer isn’t stupid and won’t entangle himself in the mess USC has become.

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    1. I hope you’re right, G.T. —-but I wonder. You know going into 2018, Helton thought “I still get to be in total control if I hang on to Callaway and Baxter and Bradford and Ellis. Nobody’ll buck me ….and I bet we do just fine!” Now, I’m afraid he’s thinking, “I still get to be in total control if we go into 2019 with Drevno, Jinks and Baxter …and I bet we do just fine!”


  2. Memo to 67:

    67, that not true, counting you, there are 17 people talking about this.

    And 67, somebody had the wear the foul ‘SUC jersey.’ A fate worse than cutting a wet beer fart on a first date.


  3. That’s about all the guys left on the team. Everybody else transferred out. At least Rivals has 2019 class ahead of #90 Utah.

    Ruins recruiting includes a trip to IN-N-Out. Chipper makes that trip with the recruit. “Hey, isn’t this better than 5 guys?”


  4. Urban Meyer ain’t coming to USC.

    He retired because of an ongoing medical condition that he’s been dealing with for close to ten years. It was why he retired from Florida a decade ago and why he stepped down from OSU.

    Unless USC has a magical elixir to cure the brain issue he’s been dealing with (he collapsed on the sidelines of an OSU game this year) he ain’t coming West or to any coaching job at all.

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      1. There isn’t enough “magical elixir brain cure” to cure all the coaches, staff and administrators who’ve screwed up USC with all its decision making this decade.

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  5. The USC athletic administration is not structured like most Universities, so I can’t imagine Urban Meyer would want to be part of that nonsense.


  6. This post isn’t relative to Urban Meyer, but relates to college football. The Players Tribune printed a quote by Jalen Hurts, former starting QB for Bama and recently transferred to the Oklahoma Sooners: “Coach Saban taught me the values and principles of business, as well as, what it takes to be a leader. My teammates taught me the importance of togetherness, brotherhood, and love. And this last season, it has taught me a lifetime’s worth of lessons about how to deal with adversity”.
    This quote reflects a strong respect and bond between coach and player, as well as, between player and player. Now I understand why the Bama team maintained their championship stature for so many years. We had it with Pete Carroll, and it’s time to start all over again with a total and completely new slate going into the 2019 season.

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