What Do USC Players Think?

One of the stereotypes for Clay Helton is that he is a players’ coach. That no matter how bad USC might play, the players love and respect Helton.

Well, based on conversations I’ve had with players on last season’s team, that is a charade.

Quite a few players are pretty fed up with Helton and do not respect him. Players routinely yell at staff members. There is no discipline. No one thinks USC has leadership.

That is the key: Helton is not a leader of men.

So how will USC get markedly better if the players have no leadership.


17 thoughts on “What Do USC Players Think?

  1. Scooter,

    How many players did you interview? Who are they and what positions do they play? What is their status on the team? When did you interview them? Where did the interview take place? What kind of questions were asked? Were they positive or negative?

    Just to say something like you said above, does not mean that you were incorrect or correct, but it means, that it is a subjective opinion.

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    1. Why would you have any respect for Helton based on what you have seen from him? Take away Darnold and Ajax and Helton is already long gone…


    2. Why don’t you just shut the F*** up!! The Wolf doesn’t answer to you!! If you don’t want to find a dead horse head in your bed, you better know your role and shut your piehole!


  2. Players on last season’s team?? Did they graduate, transfer, quit? We’re they scholarship players or walkons? Pretty fed-up, real fed-up or fed-up? These guys never have an identity and now a questionable status at best.

    Much like the author.

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    1. As always, way, way short on detail and pertinent facts from wolf. Never, ever mentions a name which in my view represent complete bullshit from him. If a player has graduated and is free to express his views, why not use his name? The deal is Wolf has no inside information from anyone in the know at USC and his representation as being “Inside USC” is laughable.

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  3. Is there anyone Inside USC (Player, Coach, or respected beat writer) that reads these posts by Mr. Wolf? If yes, could you come forward, identify yourself, and confirm if anyone there ever speaks to Mr. Wolf.

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    1. Max should be on the streets of San Marino. I don’t know why SC allows him anywhere associated with SC. A double two story box on Oak Knoll Drive, just below the Langham Hotel should suffice. The Langham is actually in Pasadena. The next parcel or block is the San Marino boundary.

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      1. USC President’s House 

        San Marino, California (CA), US

        This 13,800 sq. foot home is owned by the University of Southern California for use as the residence of their current president. As of 2011, it is occupied by C. L. Max Nikias.


  4. It makes no difference iwho Scott Wolf interviewed, because clearly you can see that Clay Helton has no leadership skills, and neither did Steve Sarkisian. Those are some of the things that inexperienced athletic directors overlook, which is something that Pat Haden, and Lynn Swann have in common.


  5. I would think any 4-5 star athletes would have zero respect for SC practices, preparation,game time decisions,lack of adjustments, etc…I also don’t think they should have be identified…it isn’t some criminal trial, although it is criminal what helton does to their potential.


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