Time For A Lecture On Special Teams?

Another day without an offensive coordinator.

Meanwhile, it sounds like Tee Martin become quarterbacks coach at Tennessee. Imagine that? He is actually coaching the position he played in college. For years, he had to coach wide receivers at USC, which he never played. Sort of like having Tim Drevno coach running backs last season.

Meanwhile, special teams coach John Baxter was the guest speak at the South Bay Athletic Club at a banquet honoring the Daily Breeze All-Area team.

What did Baxter talk about?

Having 8 men on the field for an extra point against Stanford? Having 10 men on the field twice for kick returns against Notre Dame TWICE? The fake field goal that was a disaster against Cal?


3 thoughts on “Time For A Lecture On Special Teams?

  1. “Ladies and gentlemen —not long ago I was a man who took my job seriously. My players knew what they were doing and played hard. And I took great pride in this. But now I view my job more in the context of being Clay’s best friend….”

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  2. Scooter,

    Your writing composition is getting worse. Please review English classes from the 4th grade up to a Master’s level. Reading your blog is getting harder and harder each and every day.


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