USC Morning Buzz: How Are Those Ticket Sales Going?

USC does not release season-ticket sales information.

But I finally got someone with knowledge of the situation to address the issue last night. They said season-ticket sales are currently down 45 percent from last year. That sounds pretty awful although there are still eight months before the season starts.

Memories of last year and lingering again at Clay Helton, not to mention frustration over getting seats moved, has to play a role in the current slump.

Is it possible some crowds of less than 50,000 would occur next season?

I keep hearing that some people who bought suite tickets for next season are attempting to get out of the deal. More on that later.

Meanwhile, this letter is making the rounds. It is allegedly sent from Ed Roski, a member of the USC Board of Trustees, to Rick Caruso, current chairman of the Board, and is extremely critical of the way Caruso handled the firing of Jim Ellis as the dean of the business school.

It isn’t every day you see the Board of Trustees at war with each other.


17 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: How Are Those Ticket Sales Going?

  1. My hat is off to Ed Roski for being the “contrarian” on the SC BOT and rattling the leadership cage of Rick Caruso, Chair if the BOT, with a message about an extremely important issue that needs to be addressed “yesterday”. In light of the fact, the overall environment at SC is glum and the spirit of Troy is at an all time low, our leadership visionaries on the BOT need to get off their dead asses and make the right decisions to keep the university and it’s image from continually sinking deeper into the shithole it is presently in. If they don’t, then I guess I will not only discontinue watching our football team on Saturdays, but will also put my “USC Alumni” garb into storage…

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    1. Swann set himself up for failure, drjess. He should never have gotten fan hopes up by saying, “Notre Dame made key changes and got the team to improve markedly. That will happen here at USC!” NO “real change” has occurred since he said that. If he weren’t certain that he could make those happy words come true, he would have been WAY better off never saying them……


  2. Just dont find a lot of enthusiasm right now from fellow long time USC fans. With the schedule next year and probable bad start I only see it going down from here. I mean its almost February and we dont even have an offensive coordinator

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      1. I guess Ken has gone back to his old self —- #Let’sPretendEverythingIsDifferent….


  3. My first season tickets were the best. They were right on the rim as you came out of the tunnel. No standing up if someone had to pee in the middle of a play. I bought four sets of season tickets for about what two games cost now.
    Then they “renovated” the stadium and we got bounced to the cheap seats for a higher cost. Now that they have crappy security inspectors and seats moving again , my family said no to going this year. I am going to mid the broken seats we paid $80.00 to sit in. I will miss the guy in front of us vomiting his entire tailgate party in front of us. I won’t miss the stupid play calling though because I can see it on tv.

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  4. Scooter, one reason that USC season ticket sales are down 45% is because the renewal for next season isn’t out yet. But I think there will be a decline this year in sales, but not 45%

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  5. The BOT made a huge mistake in picking a person with zero experience in academic administration to serve as interim president. Now, Caruso is forced to support her ridiculous decision to fire one of the best business school deans in the country. Right on for Roski.

    The interim president is unwilling to meet with the business school faculty and staff who have overwhelmingly supported the dean. This is what happens when you pick a person to do a job who has absolutely no clue as to what she is doing.

    The BOT better pick a reasonable president who understands USC, and do it fast.

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    1. Thanks for the background, trojan67. The more I hear, the less I like what Caruso did to Ming.


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