USC-Cal Report Card

A little late this week because of the news.


What will it take for Clay Helton to make a change? JT Daniels did OK in the first half but he is not mobile, not a leader and had a terrible second half. Helton is just too stubborn to do what is best for the team.

Grade: D-


Aca’Cedric Ware and Vavae Malepeai don’t really do anything wrong. But they aren’t the kind of backs to get you to a College Football Playoff either.

Grade: C+


They can’t pick up a blitz the first time. They can’t pick up the same blitz a second time. Wasn’t Tim Drevno a genius? How about that 2-point snap?

Grade: D+


There were some dropped passes and obviously Michael Pittman was a big loss. Amon-Ra St. Brown fumble before halftime cost USC the game.

Grade: C-


They didn’t get the key stops in second half when needed. At least Jacob Lichtenstein made some plays, which raises the question why hasn’t he played before?

Grade: C-


They aren’t good. They aren’t bad. They are just there. But not on the final drive.

Grade: C-


Between Iman Marshall’s penalty and Olaijah Griffin’s trash talking, I’ve had enough.

Grade: F


Was that the worst fake field goal in history? A pass to the knee-brace wearing kicker who is covered by a cornerback?

Grade: F


A bad fake field goal decision. A failure to change quarterbacks. No control of the players on the sideline. Dumb penalties. Enough already.

Grade: F


8 thoughts on “USC-Cal Report Card

  1. Why are u complimenting USC? They all deserve a F———————————-. Sears should start, get the other center, db’s are pure trash


  2. Flow: No Enfield hatred this year? Why’d you step off the gas pedal? Still too early in the season? I think he did something tonight. And I’m not referring to the blowout win against a shitty team. C’mon, Flow. At least stay consistent.


    1. Now, wait a minute 04, tonight Andyain’twinning’s tomato can BB team mugged the Stetson Hats 95 – 59. The Stetson BB game was a Flyweight boxing match that wouldn’t qualify as a Three Rd. prelim.


  3. PT, which University had their Asst. HBBC busted by the FBI and indicted for participating in a “Pay for Play” recruiting scam? Which University HBBC claims he didn’t know squat about what his Asst. was doing; even though it was the HC’s responsibility to know and to report his Asst’s illegal recruiting scam. Oh well, SUCC must chisel on.

    Which LA fat mouth Univ. is 0000000000 forever……..PT.


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