USC-UCLA Pictures Of The Day

Here’s a couple glorious color photos. The top photo is from 1965. The bottom photo from 1969.



6 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Pictures Of The Day

  1. In the 1965 photo, the oline is getting off the line as if it were a machine. They are all moving at the same time, all their shoulders are on the same plain, they are low, and determined to hit someone. The dufus ugly tackle has not even moved. he is still in his four point stance. Center has made contact and is moving the stinking wretched heathen from ugly. That is good oline coaching and execution.

    Second photo some dipwad from ugly is trying to run the ball and is getting blasted by the Wild Bunch. Silly ruin.


    1. Yeah well USC lost to bel-air tech with, USC holding a 16 – 6 lead in the amazing last 4 minutes, 2 touchdowns by Beban to Witcher and then Altenberg. The following year even more humbling – sub qb Norman Dow repeats the same on USC and then that awful beat-down by ‘the princess’ the following week. Then 1967 dawned and THAT is a loss bel-air tech never ever wants to talk about ever!


  2. In the 67 game, that is when thug u finally realized that they were not in the same league as sc and they have been in that fetal position with their thumb in their mouth ever since


  3. I am agreeing with a lot that SW has to say these days, however, he takes a lot of shots at football players. I give players credit, this is a tough sports to say the least. What has SW ever done to call out guys like he does?


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