USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Knows More Than You

Clay Helton was asked how he knows he is starting the right quarterback:

“I’ve been doing it 24 years. I know from experience that right now JT (Daniels) is playing good football . . . right now JT is our starter. Last week’s (offensive) stall was not the act of a quarterback. I don’t put that on the quarterback.”

Do you feel better now?


29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Knows More Than You

      1. incomplete analysis, Vaughn’s dropped one. Would have made it a winning record. You might be rusty, if you’d been shelved like him lol….you omit the team seemed to play with more vitality and flexibility.

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    1. He sure is. He must’ve blocked out how Texas put up 34 straight on him and Clancy in front of the national audience he mentioned leading up to the game. This season was just another reminder of how much Adoree Jackson and Sam Darnold made Clay Helton look better than he actually is.


  1. I. for one, don’t believe that starting JT is the major issue that has caused this atrocious season so far, even though Sears’ mobility and maturity might have helped the team to a certain degree. I think JT is certainly good enough a QB who would perform well enough to win major championships under a good system guided by capable coaches. The root cause of the team not being able to get to the level necessary to be a national power has been Helton all along. It’s just that Sam Darnold’s mobility and game-changing plays covered up the fatal weaknesses of the O-line, pathetic playcalling, and player development while he was with the team. Now that the shields have been lifted, all the ugly worms have come out to show the whole world what Helton is really made of.

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  2. It’s hard to play QB when you have two seniors (Toa & Chuma) who haven’t blocked all season. I mean g** da** Toa played an embarrassing football game last weekend and JT couldn’t drop back at all because Lobendahn allowed pass rushers in all night. And how does the Center always get called for penalties? And I believe these coaches have coached these kids there way making them bad players. Austin Jackson should be better than what we’ve seen and that’s because he was learning from Clay and his man Callaway. SMH.
    JT has had a tough season and he’s made some High Schoolish mistakes forcing throws into tight windows and staring his man down, but this has to be one of the worst efforts from our recievers that i can remember. It’s terrible when upperclassmen drop every important ball in the biggest games. Vaughns, Pittman and Petite have been letdowns this season for the most part and i admit that I was wrong about this group because i said they were gonna break out. Amon-Ra St. Brown has been the best player on the field offensively outplaying everyone around him.
    And Clancy Pendergast hasn’t won a game from his defensive coaching as usual making even more tough for JT and the offense.
    Hey maybe Sears and Fink seem like the better choice but JT has had nothing but players who have choked all season playing with him and the blame is not on Daniels.


    S c o t t W o l f,

    Are you going to at least mention that USC BASKETBALL SIGNED THE #1 RECRUITING CLASS IN THE NATION?
    Yes. You read that right. Two 5-Star big men at PF and C. And three 4-Star players at forward, SG and PG.
    #1 Class In The Nation!

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    1. A man that gets it. I agree with you about JT. He will physically mature too. He has great game experience. There is something we dont know about Jack Sears. I think he doesnt do the mind game and will tuck and run until he gets creamed. JT made some great passes against a tough D at Cal.

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      1. JT also made some bad passes, all season long. Sears is in the Business School, so his mind is right. Sears played behind the same offensive line, so that’s out. Sears threw ZERO INTS behind that line, partly because he can throw on the run, so that’s out, too….Helton and stafff are practice coaches, not gamers like Sears. Either way, there’s not been a big enough difference displayed to rule out one over another, which shows coaching stubbornness and false pride, not acumen.


      2. USC lost the Cal game, in part, because Cal made effective halftime adjustments. USC didn’t. The rest follows along.


      3. And Helton was aware that Cal had the #1 pass defense in the Pac12 yet he insisted that our young Qb threw passes without any blocking. JT has had too many people come down on his play and that blame should not fall on him.


      4. JT has not been as good as advertised, whom shall we blame for that? Many of us aren’t into the hype. We just want to see fair competition. What has he done to merit all the playing time? Very little, but the fix was in, from the start.


    2. Last year Andyain’twinning fielded a team listed at #7 in preseason polls. Andyain’twinning’s team wasn’t selected for NCAA Tournament. However, SUCC did accept an NIT bid and lost in the second rd. to some team at home.

      ***Now that the FBI has granted the NCAA the right to conduct its own investigation into teams(bozo u) with asst BB coaches busted by the FBI, SUCC may have to forfeit all of 2017 – 18 scheduled games, and, this is delicious the part, may richly deserve & receive harsh sanctions. Cue the third movement of Chopin’s Sonata #2 in B flat minor.

      Of course, Andyain’twinning, the man totally responsible for the bozo BB program, claims he didn’t know squat! LOL.

      So now in lieu of cash, Andyain’twinning is employing the daddy’s of coveted BB recruits as asst. BB coaches to ensure the recruits sign with SUCC’s D+ BB program. 000000000000000 Forever, SUCC chisels on.


      1. He immediately cut Bland loose. He obviously wasn’t aware of the stuff Bland did or he would have waited on making any move. SC is not worried about the matter because Enfield had no knowledge. We’re clear and have moved on. Mobley is getting players that Ucla wanted and that is gonna eat away against the Bruins. Nationally you Ucla will still have some kind of effect on recruits but locally they’re not gonna just pick and choose anymore and this class is just the start. Evan Mobley is the #1 Overall player in the Nation for 2020 and he’s already talking to other players nationally about going to USC. We’re on your tail now Owns and USC is gonna be a thorn in your side buddy!


    1. He should never see a football field again nor should he ever coach anyone again, he would make a good youth pastor or BSA leader, he’s not a football coach


      1. Wait BSA leaders have to be trained in youth protection they cannot say that a long haired blond guy who bends over for his job, is the love of his life to remain a leader.
        Also I don’t think the scout oath and law work for him I mean is he Trustworthy? Loyal? Helpful? Friendly? Courteous? Kind? Obedient? Cheerful? Brave? Clean? and Reverent?….Oh I see your point but he’s gonna have to stop loving on the boys.


  3. A lot of us have been watching football for over 24 years. With that fact, we are better coaches than Helton. Just because you have been coaching for over 24 years does not mean you are competent at your job. If the blame does not fall on Daniels, then who does the blame fall on?


  4. “I’m not interested in what you think….” – Nick Saban. I’m sure Clay feels about the same re: Scottie’s football knowledge. If it’s time to dish out snark, I’m sure he’d look you up.


  5. J. T. Daniels may be a higher rated quarterback, but Sears is more effective at playing under an idiot coach, who has no identity, lacks direction, and leadership

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  6. I liked what appeared to be a big jump in energy and intensity of the team under Sears. But it is troubling that the team is not delivering that same commitment on every down.

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  7. Him saying that he has done this for 24 years just tells me he’s been doing wrong for those 24. He is literally insane- thinking he ‘ll get different results trying the same thing.


  8. Memo: Sammy
    Re: bozo BB.

    1) SUCC paid The Freeh Group to whitewashed Andyain’twinning, not the NCAA. Andrew is at the very least, guilty of a total lack of institutional control of his crummy, 3rd rate, SUCC BB program. Additionally, Sammy, Metu has been outed for receiving funds from Bland. So Metu’s participation in SUCC scheduled games may be subject to forfeit. Metu didn’t sit out of the Pac-12 tournament and NIT tournament to preserve his health for the Pro camps, he was ineligible and forced to sit out those games.

    2) Your Evan Mobley scenario sounds very like your Billy Preston and Marvin Bagley III to bozo U hyperbole – And, just because Andyain’twinning employed Mobley’s TaTa doesn’t mean EM is a lock to SUCC. EM also has offer’s to Sanford, UCLA, and Washington. Coach Wooden never had to hire a recruits TaTa to land a coveted recruit.

    3) Whom has EM been trying to interest in signing with SUCC BB? I mean what’s the incentive: The huge, overflow bozo crowds @ the Galen bandbox; the perennial losses to UCLA; the possible sanctions SUCC faces vis-a-vis the NCAA; or, the chance to excel in the just plain D+ – C- SUCC men’s BB program. Don’t forget Sammy the only banners that hang in Galen Barn commemorate the few times SUCC BB has defeated UCLA.


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