10 Things USC Needs To Fix To Beat UCLA

1. Start Jack Sears

Clay Helton can’t even decide if Sears is No. 2 or No. 3 on the depth chart but Sears gives USC a better chance to win because he is mobile.
2. Don’t fake field goals
Was that the worst fake field goal ever? Yes. And it could have gotten the kicker hurt. Not a good idea when the starting kicker already tore his ACL against Texas.
3. Stop the trash talking
Do you really think Clay Helton will stop the cornerbacks from talking trash? It’s been happening for two years.
4. Save your timeouts
Do you really think Clay Helton won’t burn his timeouts for no reason? It’s been happening for three years. He burned one last week when the players wanted to go for it on fourth down and then listened to the coaches and punted. Timeout burned.
5. Change centers
Can you really afford errant snaps with an unathletic quarterback? Frankly, JT Daniels drops some of the decent snaps too.
6. Ignore the crowd
How many USC fans will trek to the Rose Bowl in this atmosphere? How many UCLA fans will? It might look like a Pasadena-Muir game at the Rose Bowl.
7. Keep the tailbacks healthy
Freshman Markese Stepp is the only 100 percent healthy tailback right now. I already gave my opinion on strength and conditioning before.
8. Fire the playcaller
So Clay Helton demotes Tee Martin and puts up 14 points against Cal? Did he demote himself after the game? He was already calling plays before so that is why things are not much different.
9. Fire Clay Helton
I tried this last week but no one listened.
10. Fire Lynn Swann
See No. 9.

13 thoughts on “10 Things USC Needs To Fix To Beat UCLA

      1. Are we supposed to believe that you have any idea what USC “needs” to do to beat anyone. If you knew half of what you think you do you would be a coach and not a bad blogger. Just saying.


      2. I’m a prophet, not a coach, Kenny. Which means I see things some don’t or won’t. So, He sends me. How’s your ❤️ today, my friend?


  1. SCooter, the sc program is in such fire shape that the only thing to do is blow up the program, clear the rubble and start new with a new coach. DB’s need to shut their pie holes and pretend to cover someone. Toa needs to go to tackle or the bench. Start Sears. I don’t care if he is the 5th string qb, start Sears.

    Just owns nees to shut his pie hole as well. His runny ruins are in worse shape than sc.


  2. Give Scottie credit, from time to time, he does throw out a subject that creates a nice exchange. But when it comes to ‘InsideUSC’, well, I think we all know this isn’t the source.


    1. Yeah, he’s good for breaking news and the occasional recruiting nugget. I actually like someone who is consistently negative – it’s a nice balance to the “enthuiast” press.


  3. I would never, ever root for USC to lose. Especially to UCLA.

    But I am somewhat curious to see the meltdown and chaos if USC loses to a two win UCLA team. If that happens, I would vote Clay the worst USC HC of all – time, even worse than Paul Hackett, Ted Tollner and Steve Sarkisian.

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  4. For such a disgusting year, it has had entertaining times…I thought politics had its abundance of scam artists, but this bunch takes the cake from the AD to the head coach to some , not all, of the asst coaches. One giant soap opera…


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