USC-UCLA Picture Of The Day

Here’s a photo from the 1979 game at the Coliseum. UCLA tight end Tim Wrightman is covered by USC linebacker Larry McGrew.


8 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Picture Of The Day

  1. 1979 team featured Marcus Allen, Charles White, Ronnie Lott, Dennis Smith, Jeff Fisher, Don Mosevar, Anthony Munoz, Keith Van Horne, and others.


    1. I like how you rattled off a list of great USC o-linemen.

      In 40 years, I doubt if anyone will name great players off the 2018 squad and come up with as many o-linemen as you did.


      1. Those were the days…I don’t remember who the o-line coach was back then, but those guys had both remarkable talent and were very skilled with their craft when they left SC.


  2. Brutally honest smack down by Bill Plaschke in today’s LA Times re. Helton. A great read by a scribe that ‘usually’ leans towards “…the oppressed….the unwanted…..the denied…..the lib-tard…’ It is well crafted and worth the read


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