Bubba Bolden Commits To Miami

Former USC safety Bubba Bolden announced Wednesday night he committed to Miami, where he would be able to transfer and play immediately.

USC allowed Bolden, who had been reinstated to the university last week, to take spring semester classes while the university reopened an investigation that previously resulted in a 28-month suspension.


4 thoughts on “Bubba Bolden Commits To Miami

  1. Not really a surprise. The old axe fool me once shame on you fool me twice I’m going to Miami seems right for this occasion. The school is looking stupid again. They didn’t give their student basic human rights. They somehow thought that allowing him to wait a couple of years was fair. But for a kid on an NFL track he couldn’t afford two years out for no reason.
    What’s next for USC? They haven’t done any student athlete right since the mishandling of the case of the jealous tennis player and the kicker.

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  2. Booemester, Bolden, and Dixon need to sue USC for undue process. They got railroaded. Then I hope SC fires that panzy as$ pencil neck geeks who are so Politcially Correct, that they think Newsome is a staunch conservative.


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