Pete Carroll Fires His Strength Coach

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll fired Chris Carlisle, the Seahawks’ head strength and conditioning coach.

This is the end of relationship that started in 2001 when Carroll got hired at USC and quickly hired Carlisle, who became a well-known figure during the Carroll era. They spent the past 18 seasons together.

Carroll’s always been known behind-the-scenes as someone who could be ruthless when he wanted to be. Just see how he handled Norm Chow.

So when is USC going to deal with its strength and conditioning issues?


6 thoughts on “Pete Carroll Fires His Strength Coach

  1. According to sources, Norm Chow said FUQ Off! but Kennedy Polamalu said he would come back if he gets to sock Helton in the face during halftime!
    Sarkisian on the other hand just wants assurance that there is an open bar in the coach’s office during halftime!

    Swann was seen at Ikea looking for bar furniture!

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  2. Every team needs a good strength and conditioning coach; and no doubt, they are considered a crucial and essential part of every football squad. Although the need for a solid strength and conditioning coach is very important, especially prior to and during spring training, the focus at this juncture at SC, in my humble opinion, should be to put in place a solid HC, OC, DC, as well as, an AD that spends more time with making sure the football program does not go to Hell in a handbasket, then on a golf course trying to get his handicap under five (5); and continually lend genuine support and leadership on and off season. An appropriate analogy to highlight my comment would be buying a muffler for a car first before getting an engine and driver for it…


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