Kliff Kingsbury Sounds Ungrateful

Here is what else Kliff Kingsbury said about USC today:

“I enjoyed my time at USC. It just kind of turned out to be what it was, and we moved forward from it.”

We moved forward from it? Was it a burden to him? Who is we? Kingsbury and his agent?

You know why I haven’t moved on? Because Kingsbury never gets the Cardinals job if USC doesn’t hire him first. You think Arizona could hire the fired Texas Tech coach as its new coach? He was attractive because he was treated like royalty at USC. Not a washed-failure with a 35-40 record at Texas Tech.

So the least he could do is be a little more grateful when he mentions USC.


24 thoughts on “Kliff Kingsbury Sounds Ungrateful

  1. This is a twitter quote about Clown U searching for a new OC/QB coach.

    “I heard they were interviewing Mcvays barber for the oc position. Apparently Mcvay talks a lot of football while getting his hair cut.”

    SUCCX is the laughingstock on Twitter. Clownish U is earning its moniker.


  2. Helton (a loser) hires Kingsbury (a fired loser) to resurrect a football program on the brink of diaster. Never wanted to criticize Kingsbury without giving him a chance to perform. Now that he’s gone after a less than short stint, I think it’s evident he not only “played” Helton and Swann (fools and two peas in a pod in my humble opinion), when his Modus Operandi was to be opportunistic to score a gig with the pros. And, Swann and Helton are probably on the golf course asking each other if any coaches “worth their salt” , and with a winning reputation and record, will ever consider coming to SC. Moreover, if they don’t get a grip on the reality that many of the great coaches out there looking for work may not wish to touch SC with the proverbial ten-foot pole, then both Helton and Swann have their heads up where the Sun does not shine…God help SC with this dilemma…

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    1. 1drjesscamacho —In actuality, Swann and Helton would have a perfect way (i.e., immediate dual resignation) of salvaging what’s left of the football program were it not for the fact that the university is now in the middle of a full scale leadership crisis. What long term good would it do for these two clowns to leave when the Board and the President are every bit as clueless as they are? Where would their resignations get us? As I write this USC is struggling with a pretend president (who no one respects or knows what to do with), a gutless Board, a toy Athletic Director and a slap happy Head Football Coach (who, sadly, will NEVER face the hard fact it’s HIS mediocrity that’s killing the program). It’s difficult to believe that a university with so many talented alums is being run by such a bunch of second raters —all of whom are spending every waking moment protecting each other. And it’s even harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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    2. Can you imagine Helton playing golf? NO.
      Swann & St. Pat are at one of their clubs playing golf and mapping out an exit strategy that allows them to hang on (or at least near) campus without being banned from doing so by the NCAA.
      Turns out the Wolfman is and was always right about the entire cast of the SS Minnow from Kiffin to Sark to Garrett and St. Pat as well as Coach of Clay.
      Perhaps he should be your next A.D.

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      1. We could do worse, jmet. Scott’s antenna aren’t clogged with current USC administration bullshit. The problem with Scott, though, is his genetic need to tell the truth—-and zero capacity for white lies. Do you know how long a person like that lasts in a sour bureaucracy?


    1. This is why Kliff is done in two. He lacks the maturity and experience and its pretty obvious. You never sh1t where you eat and boy, he left the bowl full and forgot to flush. Its a small and incestial business. He showed SC no respect. I don’t fault him for leaving for a much better pay day but it’s HOW he has conducted himself during the process. THAT is why hes earned an army of haters. Aloni have to say is, Karmas a Bitch Kliff. What comes around goes around and youll earn yours. You can wipe your mouth now, your agent has left the room.


  3. The only ray of sunshine in this whole mess is that KK gets Rosen. Two birds of a feather both with broken wings.

    Maybe that is why USC likes to hire from within the family. If KK was an alum this garbage never would have happened. You guys haven’t lost much. They may be mediocre coaches but 99% of alums don’t stab their school in the back.

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    1. SUCCXsters, the Chezzy Bowl Queen has chimed in……..Yawn.

      After Cal’s incredible 7 – 10 loss to TCU the Chezzy Bowl Queen pops-up here like a smelly sock puppet. I can’t wait to read Chezzy Queen regale SW’s blog with the details of Cal’s ugly, boring, pathetic Chezzy bowl game.

      Take it away Chezzy Bowl Queen.

      I can’t resist – UCLA 37 – Chezzy Berkeley 7 – No doubt the Cal team was looking ahead to a lock Chezzy Bowl victory.


  4. USC is irrelevant gargamel. Get that through your balding scalp. This post is dripping of the buffoonery and arrogance that runs rampant in HH. USC is a dumpster fire


      1. 67 have to wonder where this leads next? That column by Plaschke was a real ICBM right up Swann’s backside. Plashcke called him ‘a fool’ in particular doing what Guerrero did at bel-air tech when his 1st two picks to replace Ben Holland declined and no one else and then, literally, threw a dart against a list on the wall….. voila ‘Alford’.

        Except Swann didn’t even have a second after Kingsbury. Swann is as Petros Papadakis bluntly noted today on his show as was Haden and Garrett. All three are of the ‘patrician’ class- one a Super Bowl MVP the next a Rhodes Scholar and the last a Heisman Trophy winner but how any of that translates into being a skilled AD is noticeably missing. The best wisecrack was noting they all attend ‘The Masters’ in Augusta.

        Swann’s ‘gift’ is not having a confirmed president of the university to call him out. His problem is he now has to actually work rather than delegate to find a quick replacement for Kingsbury and cancel his golf tee times.

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    1. Rusoviet — Yes, hard to predict how this evolves, and I agree completely that the interim president buys Swann some time, if for no other reason than dealing with the pre-existing debacle at Student Health, and the one that she created in the B-school.

      Did you see Wilner’s column today about SC, in particular his comments about Helton and Swann? Pasting in the URL below:


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      1. Concise and true – we were the real threat to the SEC from 2002 onward when that manipulative SEC Commissioner Sleeve forbade any more OOC games against USC and then the totally corrupt NCAA and their star chamber proceedings in particular that now deceased former Miami Univ. AD Paul Dee who coined the phrase ‘institutional’ corruption and then the follow-on indifference by that same NCAA when the full scale level of cons and payouts was ignored on that very AD’s watch. The same with the Paterno child pederast scandal – nothing happened…MI St…. Duke….no just us…destroying us was all that mattered….nothing else

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  5. Lynn Swann needs to resign, because I don’t want him to have anything to do with the selection of a new football coach, because he could actually set the program back another 5 years if he bobbles this one up

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    1. Fred —check out what I said above, okay? Lynn’s resignation wouldn’t help us long term—–the problems at USC go so much deeper than Lynn and Clay. If they left tomorrow it might help them salvage what’s left of their own reputations (maybe)—-but, given the sorry state of USC’s present leadership, it wouldn’t leave us with a “great big beautiful tomorrow.”


  6. Scotty,

    You surprised me with this post. You sound somewhat protective of usc, as though you feel you have a stake in it, which you should after all the years you’ve devoted to covering the trojans, and which most us who follow your coverage surely do also, I just don’t recall seeing this side of you before. I imagine you speak for many of the trojan faithful w/this observation.

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  7. Hey Ted, you mentioned Steve Sarkisian is our only hope. I suspect he might be to some if in lieu of “water” next to Sarkisian to drink, there is some other “spirit” for him to sip on during the course of the game SC is losing 50 something to 3 or whatever (Lol)…It’s real unfortunate that Sarkisian did not follow the script of his mentor Pete Carroll. Had he done that, in my humble opinion, he might be with a collegiate or pro team right now with a solid reputation as a winning and dynamic coach…


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