Cardinals Say Kliff Kingsbury Resigned From USC Before Interview

Here is what Kliff Kingsbury said at his press conference today about USC:

“When I took the job at USC, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have that job. I thought that was an incredible opportunity with Coach Helton, Mr. Swann, that program, that tradition, but this is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

That about sums it up.

UPDATED: Look what Cardinals president Michael Bidwill said about the process in hiring Kingsbury:

“Couple steps. We obviously were interested in him before he was available to be interviewed. He had to go through the process with USC. He resigned and then we started talking to him and got him out here.”

So Kingsbury actually resigned from USC on Sunday or Monday?

That means USC did not admit he quit. And it means Kingsbury could not get out of the McKay Center fast enough.

UPDATED II: A lot of this is semantics because the Cardinals obviously told Kingsbury they wanted to hire him before he went to Arizona. But it is interesting to see how everyone gives their side . . . except USC of course.


11 thoughts on “Cardinals Say Kliff Kingsbury Resigned From USC Before Interview

  1. USC Did Something Right! Kingsbury honors clause in contract that requests he “conceal contempt for USC Athletic Director and Head Coach in Press Conferences held after departure.”
    #…WellDone, USCLegalDepartment!

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  2. This the first time I can remember USC football losing to the Cardinal(s) twice in the same cycle.
    AZ has the beak in Rosen now has a Pecker for a coach.
    My prediction for AZ is they won’t win too many games this year and the end of season will be a Kliff hanger.
    If they hire a parrot to replace Kingsburry make sure it can squawk “pass” and it has a huge buyout clause.

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  3. ROFL
    Wow, this is comedy gold.

    but what about pud whacker – he claims KK wasn’t blocked HAHAHAHAHA. He’s is the chief master dummy


    1. Miguelito —you are gonna be laughing outta the other side of your mouth when Clay Helton picks up the pieces of this wreckage and transforms them into a national cham……oh, fuck it —go ahead & laugh….


    1. During this years Ohio St. games, on several occasion along the sidelines Meyer was visibly having medical problems – like terrible migraine headaches?

      Meyer’s wife wants him retired and it is clear Meyer’s retirement is for health reasons.

      The ESPN report claiming Meyer to Clown U after the 2019 season is not an impossible contingency, but extremely improbable.


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