Here’s Another Reason USC Doesn’t Get Better

One of the Golden Ages of USC football was when John McKay was the coach.

You know what the coaching staff did in the offseason? They would go visit places like Alabama and try to learn from Bear Bryant and his coaching staff.

Another Golden Age was under Pete Carroll. He would send his staff to places like Tampa Bay in the offseason.

Now fast forward to the Clay Helton era. Do you ever hear about him sending his coaches to another team? Installing new techniques? Adjusting a philosophy? Learning something from Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney or anyone?

Helton (against his will) agreed to switch to an Air Raid offense but it was all run by Kliff Kingsbury. Now, Helton might just stick with his old offense.


4 thoughts on “Here’s Another Reason USC Doesn’t Get Better

  1. The SC Trustees and president of the university who bless the inclusion and hiring of a new administrator to handle all the responsibilities of major areas on campus, e.g., athletics, need to make sure they include one significantly important question during the interview process. The question is: Can you please tell me that you are in possession of “cajones” to terminate someone “at will” for poor performance evaluations and/or when it deems necessary due to “incompetence”? The interview should not continue if the response to that query is something less than “yes”….


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