Morning Buzz: Some Post-Kingsbury USC Thoughts

Some quick thoughts on USC at the moment:

  • Does USC even have an offensive philosophy? It was going to switch to an Air Raid offense. Now what? Still Air Raid or something else? The program has no core beliefs about anything so the offensive dilemma is not unique.

Here are some examples of why Lynn Swann has no clue as athletic director.

  • He gave Clay Helton a 5-year contract when no other school in the country wanted him last year.
  • He gave Kliff Kingsbury a $150,000 buyout that would never stop anyone from taking him away.

I don’t blame Kingsbury for taking an NFL head-coaching job but the guy never impressed me with his folksy Texas drawl and Mr. Genuine persona.

If you want to say he knew it would always be a one-year job, he should have thought about how he toyed with all the high school kids he visited in the past month and pretended like USC was their best option . . . with him as offensive coordinator.

Kingsbury was greedy. He should have waited a month to get an NFL offensive coordinator’s job, which would have been pretty easy. Instead, he messed with some kids and gave them a false impression he would be their coach because he wanted USC as a safety net and just maybe Clay Helton’s job.

Kingsbury figured it was worth disappointing some recruits to live in Manhattan Beach for a month.


39 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Some Post-Kingsbury USC Thoughts

  1. This post is all over the place. He never impressed you because of his accent? How silly are you? LOL. USC is irrelevant right now and will be for the foreseeable future. That makes you whatever is below irrelevant.


  2. Kingsbury is obviously no saint, but the truth of the matter is that he’s just being opportunistic with what’s been presented to him and he decided to take it.

    The real shame is on Swann and SC administration for failing to replace Helton when they had to and decided to pursue and hire a guy who was a much hotter commodity in the coaching market as an assistant to the head coach no one wants. As a matter of fact, this whole situation was bound to fail one way or another from its outset, and it did.

    Is it just me or do others also feel that SC football is in a more hilarious and unrecoverable mess now than it was during the NCAA sanctions?

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    1. R. T. —I’m fairly convinced USC’s football problems are now way over Swann and Helton’s empty heads. The only hope for the football program is outsourcing —- an independent management team (1) hires a new head coach and staff with no input from the University, (2) assembles a small, well armed militia to ‘handle’ the present coaching staff, and (3) relies on first year students from a non accredited law school, rather than the USC Legal Department, when drafting employment contracts.

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      1. That sounds like a brilliant plan, which should bring a great result. But since the two guys in bromance currently possess what you called “empty heads”, I doubt they’ll seek any outside help. My guess is they’ll put up a horrendous record next season and might exit together.

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      2. MG, I really wish they’d do exactly what you prescribed, but I’m afraid they’ll live and die together after making total fools out of themselves with this KK debacle. This must be one of the most shameful happenings in recent SC football history along with the “FTFO!” public swearing followed by the firing of Wino Sark a few years ago.

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      3. I presume you’re talking about the 3-9 type ‘horrendous record’. I just hope Helton spares us any Heltonesque parting comment …….

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  3. Come on rah rahs don’t blame Kingsbury! You all know you would have torn up your acceptance letter to southern cal if you would have gotten one from UCLA!!!

    Kliff is just doing what you would have all done…. un-like Kingsbury no one else wanted you!


      1. Johnny, in America Teddy is spelled Teddy not “Teddi.” Now shut your pie hole and get me a plate of Sarma, Don’t forget the bowl of borscht! or whatever the hell you eat in the eastern European hell hole!


  4. Kliff Kingsbury didn’t impress you with his folksy Texas drawl, Isn’t that the same thing that was said about Ed Orgeron ? That’s the same mentality that the USC athletic administration has, they use pointless criteria’s as a measuring stick to size up an effective coach. That’s why their athletic teams are average at best, and that’s a reflection of the current, and former athletic director. My biggest concern for Trojans football moving forward, is that Lynn Swann will have a big hand in selecting the next football coach after Clay Helton gets fired. Because every move Swann has made since arriving at USC, has exposed him as a clueless fraud. Which could lead to the hiring of another unqualified football coach

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    1. He and Haden have bungled every decision pertaining to the football program. Regardless of whether people want to hear it, the last good decision made was by Mike Garrett in hiring Lane Kiffin (and thereby also getting Coach O. to come back)…that enabled recruiting at the highest possible level that allowed the program to survive, without a single losing season, throughout the worst of the sanctions period…

      The fact that Helton and Pendergast still have offices proves Swann is not fit to make this decision.

      And it’s not as if this was really as hard as people want to make it out to be…getting it perfect, yes – that requires luck … getting it right as in making a competent hire who will do a reasonable job (with advantages inherent, competing for conference championships every season, college playoff at least once within every three-four years, and no embarrassing off-field issues not handled professionally and ethically) – make many of us on this site the AD for a day and I bet each of us could think of 3-5 coaches who would fill the bill.

      My home run hire, because he possesses so many of the same characteristics that Pete had, would be Todd Haley…I also think Jack Del Rio would be a good choice (I laugh listening to one of the media types most of us listen to, who was a big advocate of hiring Chip Kelly for instance, dismiss a coach who led two different NFL franchises to 12 win seasons, and was a member of the USC teams that struggled through the Tollner era, but still managed to win a Rose Bowl over Ohio State)…

      There are many others…

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    what an unmitigated disaster. Is Dan Guerrero consulting for the southern cal AD? this is really bad – but in a good way LOL.

    So glad Chipster will get another year headstart on whoever southern cal replaces gomer with. 2018 was the year for sc to beat the bruins, tough sledding going forward.


    1. Did the ruins crack the top fifty in recruiting yet? Hahahahaha! Cabron. Oops I said “crack” sorry, probably making your mouth water again.


      1. he wont need them to whip the soy boys of troy.

        Having a 2 star back hang 280 yards on you losers should’ve been convincing enough.

        too much soy for the boys of troy. They’ll need to grow some balls if they want to beat the mighty bruins. We’ll keep running you over with our 2-3 stars… 34-27 bitches


  6. Maybe USC can bring somebody special to run the offense … maybe Mickey Mouse, or Donald Duck, or Daffy Duck … somebody with character!!!


  7. to add insult to injury, KK chose to work with Rosen over Darnold HAHAHAHAHA

    We all saw how dumb Darnold is a couple years back… sc won the game, but man, Darnold looked like a confused rat in a maze vs the bruins. Who can forget him letting the clock run out before half. HAHAHA – what a dummy.

    UCLA probably should’ve won that game, but boy, we’re so glad we didn’t. Mora was fired and Chip was hired within a week.

    Thanks again for Chip dummies.


    1. Never heard a person so happy over 3-9…as you can tell, 5-7 doesn’t work here, and certainly no losses to sheBears…

      If you could set the bottle aside for a moment McMigs, you might recall that everyone but Rosen thought, and thinks, that Darnold is an infinitely better quarterback…and this first year only added to that…Darnold had several strong games…Rosen, particularly against the Broncos, looked like the proverbial deer in the headlights…

      I wouldn’t care to wager on USC regaining the upper hand on sUC-la-la-la anytime soon, since the same buffoons will be involved in the hiring process…

      But given Rosen will now be playing for Kingsbury, he of the 5-7 Te-te-tek credentials, so long as the Jets don’t hire a complete bozo (like say any coach sUCla-la-la has had since Donahue retired), I’d be rather confident in laying money on Sam’s career far surpassing that of the aforementioned deer in the headlight…


    2. You are happy that Mora was fired? Really? 3-9 is better than Mora? Never too late for a remedial math course.

      The only improvement in Westwood is revenue at Stan’s Donuts. Looks like the Chipper has put on 25 lbs. since he signed on.

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      1. Ha! [Have you noticed that, as Chip climbs up the weight scale, he still favors the same size black nylon t-shirts that emphasize the lines of his training bra]?

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    3. Just wondering how many of rosens coaches have survived the last two seasons having him on the team. Hahahahaha! So smart? Yeah right, that’s why his teammates all love him so.

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      1. Right on the money, Pudly. There is not ONE player who’s played with Rosen—-at any level — who would say, “I’m proud to call Josh Rosen my friend.”

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      2. It will be fun watching Kingsbury’s relationship with Rosen deteriorate as the losses pile up.

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      3. Glad you mentioned ‘lifetime.’ That’s probably what Mora would get for strangling Rosen during a televised timeout.

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    4. Chip Kelly is yesterdays newspaper, the one that the dogs crap on. His 3-9 record and lack of recruiting success shows what he is thought of. He had his day, but that was 10 years ago. Sort of like the Queen, right chuck? Still laughing at your infatuation with HRC. Did you get your tickets for the now cancelled tour? Probably won’t refund your $. LOL!!!

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      1. Why is it we all feel moved to mention Chip, Hillary & Bill in the same paragraph? Are they forever linked in our subconscious due to the fact they appear pretty much as identical triplets once they don shorts and a t-shirt?


  8. Just wondering for the sake of perspective, did scott mention how the whole USC “blocked” Kingsbury story was false? I know he had much to say about SC regarding this when it was first RUMORED, but no clarification from mr inside when it was proven wrong?

    Where’s your integrity scotty? The truth could set you free. BTW, saw the times hired someone new on theirs sports desk, was it you? Hahahahaha


      1. #Though I could not caution all, I still might warn a few:
        Don’t lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools.


    1. On the blocking of Kingsbury from the cardinals owner:

      Turns out he was blocked from interviewing and forced to resign.


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