Buy Low, Sell High?

A big USC donor told me today he is not renewing his season tickets that he owned for decades. I’ve heard this from plenty of other people too, who are either fed up with their seats being moved or just sick of Clay Helton.

So maybe it is good time to buy some season tickets. You might get better seats. And they might be valuable when USC turns it around.

All you have to do is pay the seat fee (or whatever USC calls it) and withstand a season of Clay Helton.


10 thoughts on “Buy Low, Sell High?

  1. Regarding season tickets and/or watching our beloved Trojans play during the 2019 season, I recently made a decision to align with my wife’s Alma mater (UC Berkeley) and watch the Bears on Saturdays in lieu of SC (just until Swann and Helton get on their High Horses and begin riding and getting the fu..k out of town)…

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    1. I’m a Trojan 4 life but I understand completely the outrage where is the Ulumni? Where are the donors? Can’t anyone put enough pressure to fire Swann/Helton?

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  2. Obviously the Kong of Wolf Street has never paid for a seat at USC. Just pay the seat fee?
    30k a year for 50 yard line. $1500 for corner seats. USC has lost their mind. #FireAllofThem


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