Morning Buzz: Here’s Who USC Should Hire

USC should hire Tony Romo as its next defensive coordinator. Actually they should hire him as its offensive and defensive coordinator. Scratch that. Just make him the head coach.

In case you missed it, here is Romo accurately predicting New England’s offensive plays vs. the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday.

Meanwhile . . . did you know Cal is about to become the first college to have five quarterbacks start a Super Bowl?

Joe Kapp, Craig Morton, Vince Ferragamo, Aaron Rodgers and Jared Goff.

Ferragamo played two seasons at Cal before he transferred to Nebraska.


24 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Here’s Who USC Should Hire

    1. At least Romo adds texture and context to the viewing experience. The guys that talk too much and never say anything are Herbstreit and Fowler of ESPN . . . They’re terrible . . .

      Swann and Helton wouldn’t hire Romo because they’re too stupid to think outside the box. Andy Reid should hire him as a defensive consultant. The Chief’s D was MIA on NE’s last three possessions. They literally walked into the endzone all three times.


      1. I second that Mike. I enjoyed Garry P whenever i could catch his weekly clips with JJ and D. Rideaux. If he wasn’t feeling what was going on with SC he would respectfully give his opinions and that’s what i liked from wearesc

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  1. If a former pro QB can identify the “tells” of a Belichek offense, what will experienced NFL DCs do to Kingsbury’s offense next season? Remember, he’s a former college head coach with a losing record and no NFL coaching experience at any level . . . Yikes ! ! ! !

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    1. Romo’s always good —but that was an unusually prescient performance yesterday. It was like he willed himself into the minds of the Patriots’ offensive coordinator and QB….

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      1. Just wondering if he’s so good, what happened to him when he played?? I guess the view is different from the press box than it is laying on the grass looking up?

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      2. Romo always seemed to be getting hurt —-maybe he wasted too much energy partying…


      3. I think i remember he fumbled the snap for the PAT in the playoffs or something and that was his “we would have went all the way if…..” career moment since Romo never made deep in the playoffs. I don’t think he played in a NFC Title game. Tough break.


    1. Hey Steve: As long as Swann remains SC’s AD, my projection will be that things will continually be “inside out” as we move into 2019. And, if there isn’t a change soon, I suspect some young whipper-snapper journalist completing his BA at SC might start a new blog called “Inside-out USC”. Do you think Scott would be sweating bullets if that occurred?

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  2. Hey Cal Seventy Five:
    You must be beaming with joy with all those adept Cal QBs, mentioned by Scott, having a presence in the Super Bowl. My wife and youngest son (Class of 79 and 04 respectfully-College of Engineering) will be elated when I share that information with them today. And, notwithstanding I’m a Trojan true to heart, I will be cheering for the Rams to spank those Patriots in the Super Bowl like an ostracized SC song girl (Lol).

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      1. I sorta don’t think Scott would be real welcome at Cal, Kona —-Scott’s nonstop criticism of Justin Wilcox (replete with photos of Wilcox doing a self choking motion while playcalling) didn’t help Justin’s image much.
        [Although —let’s face it—-Scott would have been smiling ear to ear if Kingsbury had left Helton for Wilcox —-making Cal’s Offense AND Defense best in the conference]…..


    1. DrJess,
      Onerous will rain on my parade but …I have to be humble. I’m on the wrong side of 65 but here goes-pls excuse my memory… couple of years ago, 3yrs in a row-Superbowl starting running backs. Couple of years ago, more LB & d-backs in NFL. Always, more QB’s all pros & we actually missed Brady by a hair.
      1976 after demolishing #3 USC…Coach McKay said…and I quote-‘ I’d hate to meet those guys in a dark alley’.
      Mr Sarkaisian, ‘how do those guys(ref CAL) get those guys?(reference-our studs). F.O. sark.
      Cal has a lot of problems but we always represent California as best we can. However, I will never eat cheez-its.

      8-4 2019 & our D will destroy the league. We may not score a TD however. I’m a D guy. I’m a road grader guy. Our box is going to give air raid O’s fits.

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      1. Cal may have had some problems, but they have eliminated some of the major ones and did well this year with getting a bowl bid. And if you look at that “baseball score” against a tough TCU squad in the Cheezit Bowl, I give them a lot of credit, as well as kudos, for not being blown out of the water. Just as an aside, when Cal beat SC last year, my wife would always come by the kitchen when I’m washing dishes and ask, with a condescending tone, how my “Trojans” are doing these days?..If SC gets spanked again by Cal in 2019, I guess I will be compelled to wear my Apple Air Pods to effectively block out anything condescending that she might wish to iterate…


      2. Gosh, Cyst86, Five (5) Cal starting SB QB’s – Huge!

        Joe Knapp: 0 – 1

        Craig Morton: 0 – 2 I watched CM in SB V. He threw three interceptions in the 4th Qtr. The first 2 Ints allowed the Colts to come back from 13 – 6 deficit and snatch 16 – 13 victory from the jaws of defeat – all thanks to that Cal/Cowboy QB Craig Morton.

        Vince Ferragamo: 0 – 1 In the 4th qtr., Vinnie hit Jack Lambert in the numbers to kill any possibility of a Ram upset SB win.

        Jared Goff: (AKA Jack) 0 – 1. Goff is a fine QB, but no match for the experienced SB Patriots team.

        Aaron Rodgers: 1 – 0

        So Cyst86, the Cal SB QB W/L record is 1 – 4 plus an additional pending SB loss. Have PUS, the SUCC Rubik Cube, check my math.

        Don’t feel bad Cyst86, ’cause Clown U is OOOOOOOOOO forever when it comes to former bozo QB’s starting SB games.


  3. We don’t lay claim to ferragamo. We had Bart.
    Now for some mildly juicy stuff that circulated. Ferragamo was at Banning. He had mailed his LOI to SC at the post office. Had a change of heart & went down to the post office & a clerk found the letter & handed it back to him. Next he commited to CAL.
    Good lookin guy, cuts a swath through CAL. Shares time with BART. Staff uses Ferragamo to meet recruits at airport. Bad mouths CAL to recruits. I know this second hand because an old acquaintance who eventually went to SC told me about his interaction with ferragamo. Ferragamo told offeree visitors that CAL was a crap hole(which it can be for some) & he was transferring. What ferragamo didn’t know was that Bart was about to transfer also. Anyway, Bart went on to be #1 overall in the 75 draft, ferragamo finally found his college-3rd time is a charm & everything worked out. I also heard Georgia enjoyed the back rubs. Pays to get along with the boss, or so I hear.


  4. Looking at a set just before the play and calling out the most likely thing to happen isn’t coaching. Hell, it isn’t even special. It’s called watching game film before the telecast.


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