USC Recruiting Class Labeled Disaster

Rivals recruiting analyst Mike Farrell doesn’t pull any punches when he named USC his second-most disappointing recruiting class of 2019.

“This recruiting year has been an absolute disaster,” Farrell wrote.

UCLA fans should not gloat because Farrell names them No 3. And Utah is No. 4.

So three of his five most-disappointing classes are from the Pac-12, naturally.


38 thoughts on “USC Recruiting Class Labeled Disaster

    1. MG – right on. And I don’t know see how ucla is not ranked as the worst. They made fewer than 80 offers. Only Stanford made fewer offers, but Stanford is a unique university and thus they have a reasonably high take-up right.

      Putting ucla’s recruiting offers in context, Alabama, which is obviously competitive as any program, made 285. Nebraska made over 400. The chipper is not a recruiter, period. But aside from Casey Wasserman, who is contributing to the $24 million contract, not many care. Outside of the athletics dept., their university doesn’t care except that they feel they should field a D1 football team.

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    2. I think after reading it, he is stating the truth about all the lost potential it had, commits who left and it was due to coaching…last seasons results finally exposed what has been going on in season long preparations and practices…


  1. We have no buisness getting top players.

    I hate to say that. But we don’t develop players anyways. They get from point A to point B on their own talents now more than ever.

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      1. Pudly —I’m not saying it’s necessarily going to play out this way —but consider this possibility: USC has all the talent—- skill players, lineman, coordinators and position coaches—- they need (with or without a great incoming class) to kick ass in 2019. If they do, everything changes —-some other Pac 12 coach assumes the hot seat (possibly Chip), recruiting gets real easy, real fast and USC is USC again. Everything depends on the next 6 games. Nothing else —the critics, the recruiting class, the rankings —matters.

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      2. That’s it in a nutshell. Win and they will come running back. Lose and Helton will have seen his last days as coach here, and the renewed energy that brings (just like the new OC) will have recruits coming again. And this weekend there’s a bama running back commit that will be on campus along with a 4* safety from Centennial. This class may yet make too 10 but will almost certainly be top 15. And #2 in the pac12. Not great, but certainly better than most schools could do after going 5-7 and having to replace coaches…

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      3. Yep, Pudly— We’re not nearly as bad off as some people think. USC has the tools to make all Owns’ worst nightmares come true. Get past Stanford and USC gets back into the race for the Pac 12 Championship, back into the competition for another top 5 recruiting class, & back into tempting Chip into a full fledged, fear induced jelly donut coma……

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      4. Pudly,
        Chip’s dream —or so it would appear from his see-thru t-shirts —-is to breastfeed his entire team….

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      1. Check my post above to Sam, SC’s players avg a higher salary in the nfl than bama’s.

        Oh btw, owns you of the little thingy, don’t see the ruins on this list. Hahahahaha!

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  2. I’m with Fred Sampson. I’m glad that the 2019 recruiting class is a disaster. Less elite athletes to bail out Gomer this season. This should expose Gonet further hastening his tarmacing in the fall. That way we get to rebuilding sooner. The worst that could happen was all these studs come in and be a 8-4 or 7-5 every year.


    1. It’s bad.

      This recruiting class means that we will have less competitive athletes for 2020 to 2022 (three easons).

      The 2016 was, in hindsight, the least productive USC class since 2000. They should have been upperclassmen and team leaders. Instead, six of the top 8 players left the program, and USC went 5-7. Not a coincidence.

      Means that any new coach is going to start 1st and 20 from the 10.


      1. Arturo, how is ordering Mexican food racist??!! You got something against Mexican food????

        Now shut your pie hole and get me some papas fritas you maricon!


    1. true, they are no powerhouse,but some of it is the best there ,and elsewhere are at schools in the continental part of U.S. and receiving better coaching…SC has improved its line coaching for this year on offense…and q/b and backs…if helton is kept out of it SC has the athletes …they could win 10…if helton is kept away from all influence …period.


  3. Another feather in Helton’s cap….

    He has accumulated so many feathers he looks like a f*^#ing peacock…no disrespect to peacocks intended


    1. Let me see $148.9m – $50.0m = @$98.9m !!! Ruins suck… all there is to say.

      Money talks, bullshit walks….owns lonely miserable life in a nutshell


  4. Mike Farrell does not know what he is talking about. How can a recruiting class be labeled disappointing when they haven’t played one down? With that logic, 5-7, should never happen. I’d like to dig the archives to see how many 3-stars have made a major impact, while more touted players, fell by the wayside. Losing 5 stars Thibodeaux, Steele, and McCoy hurt the ranking and we all get that- the perfect storm hit SC football (losing record, Coordinators leaving, and a learning on the job coach helping form that perfect storm). However, it is premature to call this class a disaster. Dummy.

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  5. Steve Sarkisian left Clay Helton with the best overall talent in the PAC 12, and he should’ve been building on it to be in position for a championship run by now. But instead, Helton is still struggling for an identity, and the talent level has diminished, especially in the trenches.

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    1. By anybody’s count, sark left us with far less than a full roster. You change your story as often as your underwear, maybe more.

      Is bama and clemson still running the power I ? Do you even watch the games?


    2. true, and Kiffin left Sark great players…especially considering the ncaa b/s.
      However Sark brought in some coaches that did not fit the talent and/or could not develop them to their systems. Coaching is everything in a strict team sport and it is a development of the practices that then build winning teams…helton has zero concept on this…they need to keep him away ,zero input…being clueless equals no identity…last year it unraveled and you are spot on, unless he is of no influence on offense or defense,this year could be worse.


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