USC Recruiting Buzz

Here’s some buzz heading into Signing Day:

  • Safeties Tuasivi Nomura and Jayden Williams of Corona Centennial are expected to commit to USC.
  • Wide receiver Puka Nacua, who is committed to USC, is believed to be leaning to Washington. He will announce his decision at 11 a.m. tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “USC Recruiting Buzz

  1. Nakua’s mom is rumored to have been the one who is not convinced USC is headed in the right direction.

    I hate to say this but I don’t blame them at all.
    They are making the best decision at the moment.
    If we somehow hold onto him then awesome! But this is the most depressing time that I can think of with the way Helton has *ucked off the roster and potential future players.


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  2. If everything out of the University wasn’t negative news, it might be easier to recruit. But we have a feuding BOT, no President, an inexperienced AD, a football coach who will not finish his contract and people wonder what’s not to love.
    Our recruiting will return when sanity returns to USC.

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    1. It’s unbelievable that the Board of Trustees can’t appreciate the deep disgust the entire Trojan Family feels at the thought of their being unable to expedite the selection of a real president (who, in turn, can remove all the pretenders from the administration of USC athletics).

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      1. Unless you have $100 million or two burning a hole in your pocket, the BOT don’t give two cents what you think or care that you are disgusted.

        Sadly, it’s all about the donors and pleasing them and not whether you are a Trojan.


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      2. When the BOT’s is trying to get their face up Kamala Harris’ a#s as far as they can, then of course they won’t care.


    2. Helton should have been moved to the scouting department to at least get something from him while paying him. Then the new OC Graham Harrell should be inserted as head coach. Swann was reluctant to break up Helton’s nepotism club before last year started. He could rectify that moving Helton aside now. The situation necessitates what is called a “clean sweep” but leaving Helton as HC, even if Harrell has been given authority to call plays, is a prescription for friction and failure, especially if Helton keeps picking pets to play starting positions. If Sears (or, say, a surprise transfer) is the best QB for Air Raid, but Helton again wants to play his pet kid QB, then what? A neglected area is the aggressive attacking defense that Pendergast runs, which failed last year without Porter Gustin. Cal did much better with less talent last year with a containment defense. But Pendergast seems much more open to change than Helton and picks players who know their playbook rather than picking pets.


  3. Is anyone really disappointed that Nakua won’t sign? Now, if Kyle Ford doesn’t, not good. Corona Centennial had an excellent year and had some underrated players; they just had a bad game versus Mater Dei. Corona Centennial would be an excellent pipeline- one that could supplement the St. John Bosco, Long Beach Poly, Gardena Serra, and Mater Dei pipelines (amongst others).

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  4. Washington looking for a good tight end to give them more versatile offense in receiving and run game in Nacua. With Hamden as their OC and having experience in pro football gives them a leg up


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