Who Is The Most Incompetent At USC?

Let’s play a game: Who is the most incompetent person or organization at USC?

It’s a hard choice. Here are the candidates.

Board of Trustees: Seven months into search for president and still have not contacted top candidate Morton Schapiro of Northwestern.

President: The disgraced Max Nikias still hangs around the board of trustees while interim Wanda Austin seems like she will be around for awhile since the board cannot make a decision.

Athletic director: Lynn Swann’s biggest decision in two years has been to ban the song girls from basketball games. And to figure out where to play his next round of golf.

Football coach: Clay Helton can’t make simple decisions and needed five months to hire an on-campus recruiting director. No wonder it’s taking so long for USC to hire a president. Find a player who believes in Helton at this point.

I can only think of one.


23 thoughts on “Who Is The Most Incompetent At USC?

    1. We’re not a basketball school…not yet anyway and besides the entire conference stinks in basketball this year – there is plenty of ‘rot’ to throw amongst all 12 members.


    2. Why not.
      USC was a joke of a bball program. They only had one man in the way named John R Wooden and they never took a lead in the rivalry at any point. Enfield has something for what he was given. K.O. put together teams that scored 40 points each night.


  1. Nobody wants to add a columnist without a gig? Well I certainly won’t go after low hanging fruit. Besides I have Swann in my sights.
    Even if he wanted to keep continuity, he had to have seen that the coaches with their shortcomings were way beyond incompetent. There was no excuse to keep those clowns on staff. Swann was just lazy or incompetent himself. The school brand is suffering because of this.

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  2. Swann has done more damage in 2 years then I thought even possible…..giving this clown a 5 full year extension is the reason we continue to crater….hopefully it will also be the reason both he and Helton get canned simultaneously.

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    1. Alv —I sped read your post cuz I have to pick up somebody at the airport. I just picked up certain key words. What’s this about Swann & Helton and “craters” and “extensions” and “simultaneously doing more damage than thought possible” ??! I hope to read more when I get back!

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  3. It is the apathy and the guall and arrogance that get me about SC. This is what happens before an empire falls. Unless they get someone in there that will care to run the show from the top down, then SC will take a major hit. They are out of control, not accountable, and have no interior checks and balances to issues. May it burn if this continues. From the ashes, then you will see people caring once again.


    1. Teddy,

      your clown school, U Cockroaches of LA is even worse than Sc right now. You have a loser of a football and basketball team and SC punked your waterpolo team. U clonws suck the high one.


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