Another Sign Of The Recruiting Times

Quarterback Maalik Martin, who is a freshman at Serra High School in Gardena, received an offer from Oregon today.

Martin reacted on twitter by saying, “I’ve received an offer from my dream school.”

I can remember when USC was the dream school of pretty much every Serra player: Robert Woods, Marqise Lee, George Farmer, Rasheem Green, Deontay Burnett, John Houston, Adoree Jackson . . . and many more.

The good news is Martin graduates in 2022 so USC should have a new coach by then, in case Martin gets an offer from USC.


9 thoughts on “Another Sign Of The Recruiting Times

  1. Joke of the day…..

    1. This bloggers entry.

    & also

    2. Oregon being a kids “dream school”.
    Tell me……Besides cross country. Whats has the University of Oregon really done in sports? Where is the trophy room? Please direct me to the room holding all of the National Championships.
    If you want Nike’s every school can provide you with the last Jordan’s.


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    1. Hey Sam, I personally dislike whOregon and particularly its fans, but to answer your question fairly, here you go:
      Highest-Ranked Pac-12 Football Team in Final AP Top 25 Poll in Past 10 Years

      2017—USC, 12
      2016—USC, 3
      2015—Stanford, 3
      2014—Oregon, 2
      2013—Oregon, 9
      2012—Oregon, 2
      2011—Oregon, 4
      2010—Oregon, 3
      2009—Oregon, 11

      Oregon’s also won one Rose Bowl in that time span, as well….the same number that we have won in the same time span. They have a real coach, a real recruiter and a real program at this point in time. We do not. The truth hurts, even if the Rah-Rah Homers don’t want to accept it, deal with it and demand better.


      1. I definitely remember those days of Barner, Thomas and Mariota being too much for SC. That is impressive and you have to respect that.

        What my whole comment was pointing at was they have never won a National Championship in all of that “glory”. Since you brought there impressive past to the table let’s not forget that they are also labeled the program that couldn’t get it done. Sort of like my Dodgers right now. Oregon always had an impressive season but they never won the big one in all of that dominance. They beat a good Wisconsin team with Russell Wilson, but they were very good at owning a style of play that was able to catch teams off guard by snapping in constant hurry up offense that tired out opponents. Hats off to them they won games and that’s all that matters but they never held a NC. Stanford was right there with them with them in success. And let me say they have an ok coach. He’s nothing to worry about unless Helton is still around past this season, but he has three people to thank for signing the #1 overall player Keyvon Thibideaux from right here in SoCal and many more players. Helton, Pendergast and yep even Swann had a hand in messing with our recruiting impact. But they gift wrapped that class to the ducks. They had no signature win either to help raise their flag but USC fudged off historically and they came out looking good.


  2. I, for one, would like to congratulate the samll hairy blogger on successfully completing his 12,000th consecutive negative post with ZERO insight. Wolf, were touched by one of the bad gynecologists? Seek help. Or just find a more fitting career….I hear Fat Burger is hiring.

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      1. Pudly! You’re back! You’re back!
        (Now, you need to apologize to all of us like Superman did to the President of the United States at the end of Superman 2)……


  3. Scooter, who says SC will have a new coach/ Helton may still be there at that time. He is there because SC did not want to buy out his contract and they don’t care about football anymore or he is winning.

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