USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Works!

Lynn Swann actually did some work as USC athletic director Wednesday night!

Swann appeared at the Water Grill in Costa Mesa for an event hosted by the Trojan Athletic Fund of Orange County.

Now did he actually say anything interesting? Not really, according to a donor who attended the event and took some notes.

He praised USC coach Clay Helton: “I think Clay’s got a (good) football sense and IQ,” Swann said.

Swann also defended former strength coach Ivan Lewis, who went to the Seattle Seahawks.

“If we did a bad job, we wouldn’t be looking for another (strength) coach,” Swann said.

Swann neglected to mention Pete Carroll knew Lewis before at USC so it wasn’t like Carroll was blown away by USC’s physicality on game films or anything.

And Swann had the audacity to say Helton “recruits extraordinarily.”

Did he see the recruiting class USC just signed? Does he think people are stupid?

I asked the donor what he thought of Swann’s performance Wednesday night?

“I felt like he talked down to us,” the donor said. “He didn’t win anyone over with his words. I’ll be interested to see how many people actually go to the first game.”

You know who should really be upset? The San Gabriel Valley Trojan Club. They got John Baxter on Wednesday night.


33 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Lynn Swann Works!

  1. SC has had little credibility lately,and with Swanns reported newest remarks,which are consistent with previous ones,may now be not just at an all time low, but may have hit zero.

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    1. Possibly, Tim —except every time we seem to get to the bottom of the Swann barrel, it turns out to be a false bottom….

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      1. Tim & MG-well said…

        Following this failed state in progress (hey someone from the film school get to work on this documentary!) makes the esoteric seem desirable (e.g. we’re still above absolute zero on the Kelvin scale…the Pac-12 could be relocated to say the satellites of Saturn and Clay could be gomering on about “winning the outer solar system” or “I can’t wait to see what this team looks like when we get near the asteroid belt”)…

        On the rare occasions he speaks, have to give Swanny this much (and sure hope so in the figurative sense) – he is rapidly becoming the Marie Antoinette AD with his “let them eat cake” attitude…

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      2. James — Ha! Thank you for the reference! You’ve given me a kind of vision of Helton speaking to the team on his last day at USC [as he leaves to embark on new job as camp counselor in Riverside]….

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  2. Lynn Swann is covering his tracks for extended Clay Helton’s contract, because he would come across as an idiot if he criticized him before the contract actually started. If Helton is fired after next season, Swann will have cost the USC over 20 million dollars from his buffoonery decision. And I wonder what the new University President will think of that ?

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    1. Lynn Swann “covering his tracks”? Lynn shit the bed so much on that idiotic contract extension given to the “errand boy”…there’s no covering those tracks.

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  3. If one is diengenuos when asking for support like monetary resources, then the likely result will be “nada” simply because the request has no sincerity behind it. Asking for support is very sensitive, and if one displays nuances like “talking down” to one or more potential supporters, and/or being presumptuous in any way, then they should understand that type of behavior will not entice them to take out their wallet.
    The analogy that might be appropriate would be when a man is courting a woman. If he gives her his heart and whatever he can afford from what he earned at Fat Burger, he will have a better chance of winning her heart and beat out the guy who has a ton of cash and nice car, but likes to “talk that talk” and “walk that walk”…

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      1. Cal75 — Over the couple of decades I lived in the Berkeley area I found the best way to handle a bill presented to me in a public place (cafe, bar, bookstore, etc.) was to hand it to the woman I was with and say “The Little Lady will take care of this…”

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      2. Cal75: You hit the nail on the head, I just didn’t want to bring that out. I know I’m a woosch and I’m working on that🌝


      3. MG,
        My brother. When were you sentenced to Berkeley? If you back to my prehistoric time…I played lock for the Old Blues.
        I venture inside the city limits about once or twice a year when I’m in the Bay Area on biz. Was thinking about picking up a MAGA hat for next trip. Whatya think?

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      4. Cal75 —-I was pretty much run out of L. A. and forced into Berkeley after losing the race for L. A. City Attorney in 1993 — (and, come to think of it, the one and only way I’d walk down Telegraph with a MAGA hat is with somebody who played lock for the Old Blues)….


  4. Coach Baxter was only at the SGV Trojan Club dinner to assist with
    Jake Olsen being honored with the Jess Hill Award. Never mentioned
    the football team outside of helping develop Jake to get on the field.
    Smallest turnout since possibly Paul Hackett’s tenure. Glad Lynn Swann
    was not there to hear his rhetoric of incompetence.

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      1. Even better speech by Apollo/Rocky Trainer: “You’re gonna go through hell out there —worse than anything you’ve ever known —-but then the smoke clears, you’ll be the winner…..”

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  5. Note to Pudly76 from JC: This blog is not the same when you don’t weigh in and provide the stuff left out by everyone else. I know I’m not one of your favorite bloggers, but I respect and like you brother. Kind Regards, JC (not the one who died on the cross)…

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    1. drjess —Picture us crying out to wounded Pudly as he rides out of town after silencing all the bad guys in the bar….

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      1. BigBear-The Mule only dreams of wielding such power…Pud(din’)ly (who I rarely agree with but do respect) is probably engaged elsewhere (hopefully a la MG therapy for latent HeltonApologism, but more likely acting on and gathering more annoying facts to temper our torch and pitchfork impulses)…I’d suspect we haven’t seen the last of him…or the Mule, for that matter…

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    2. James — In Pudly’s honor, I think we need tebow to post a video clip from The Bodyguard —-where the underappreciated kid comes back to kick ass at the end of the movie…..

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  6. Here, here…think almost everyone here agrees that, unlike the WolfMizer, we would all be just as happy to renounce our negativity towards this regime (if they would just let us!)…we just don’t believe, based on the evidence, that they will remedy the many failings that have afflicted the program…


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