One More Thing On Lynn Swann’s Talk

During his meeting with USC boosters in Costa Mesa last night, Lynn Swann said he would like to be athletic director for 10 years.

That’s right, 10 years!!!

Would you want to give up $3-4 million per year and unlimited golf?

If Swann stays at USC for 10 years, he might actually be held accountable because he would likely have to hire new coaches for football and basketball. And work for a new school president.

Maybe he will last 10 years. But I find him to be such a politician, I’m not putting too much stock in any of his statements. Especially regarding football.

UPDATED: Funny how Swann said graduating players and compliant behavior were his priorities for football. He fired the women’s volleyball, women’s tennis and rowing coaches. I’m pretty sure they were doing fine in those areas.


9 thoughts on “One More Thing On Lynn Swann’s Talk

  1. It’s all about the continuity. He wants people to buy into the program and that means project the moon and shoot for the nearest asteroid. I don’t think his health will hold up 10 years with his CTE starting to show up.

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  2. USSR and PRC subjects must have felt the same in response to the annunciation of 5 year economic plans…Swanny the Secretary of the Central Committee and Great Leap…Forward?

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  3. It’s one thing to fantasize and/or project where you would like to be in an organization during the course of a decade, and it’s another thing when the
    person and/or group you report to have other plans. Put another way, nothing is cast in concrete, even in a contract relative to employment. And since no one is indispensable, anyone might come back from lunch and find your desk cleared out and in boxes next to your car in the parking lot…
    The org chart at SC has Swann reporting to the president presumably. If and when a new president is hired, Swann’s fate as AD will be determined and rest with that individual (unless the BOT overrides and/or micro-manages his duties). Swann could be cut loose right away–a desire a good many folks currently have– or given an extension of his lucrative contract like he gave Helton. I’m not a betting man and could be categorically wrong in my projection, but I don’t think Swann will be on campus as SC’s AD subsequent to the new president coming on board. If I’m wrong and told he will be around for another ten (10) years, then I might begin going to the Rose Bowl and pretending I’m a FUCLA fan…Moreover, I’m sure my buds on this blog will chastise me about that till the cows come home…


  4. Of course he wants to stay 10 years….who would be foolish enough to hire this guy at that annual rate of salary for 10 years? Swann has the sweetest gig ever over paid…under worked….all the time for golf….closest to that job description is any LAFD employee….the demoncrats best friend any public employee union but esp. the LA Fire Department

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    1. Rusoviet,

      This one I have to disagree with you. LAFD work very hard. I work with them constantly and they are always on the go. Just because there isn’t a fire, it doesn’t mean they aren’t working. Most of the time they are planning to prevent fires. I know Battalion Chiefs, captains, and the grunt and they are always going. If you have another point of view to substantiate what you wrote, please share. Thank you.


      1. You think so huh? Doing what? When we were all much younger an ambulance was never accompanied by anything. Now to justify their salaries and the fact they lounge around all day it was decided, for ‘public relations’, that they block roads chasing ambulances with a ‘hook and ladder’ or ‘pumper truck’ and when you ask why they say “A fire could break out.”

        Former mayor Riordan tried to knock them down due to their horrific paychecks – he noted that over 75% of all buildings in LA are fireproof – we don’t need these clowns. They got their campaign up and running and began Halloween parties dressing up for ads as a 5 year old complete with their yellow oilers holding the ‘helmet’.

        Ever read this rigged proof of how corrupt these clowns are? BTW this is a real ‘racial discriminating’ cabal…only relatives need apply

        Their pensions are the most lavish in the entire city…they do nothing


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