USC Strength Issues Remain

Lynn Swann bragged about the winter workouts last night. But I’ve heard from players that workouts are a problem because there is so much unfamiliarity at the moment.

Strength coach Ivan Lewis took two assistants with him to Seattle so the dept. is shorhanded. And I imagine interim coach Keith Belton is not thrilled because he was told he will not succeed Lewis.

Clay Helton has not hired a new strength coach and players say they don’t know what the goal is during some workouts.


6 thoughts on “USC Strength Issues Remain

  1. Well, there goes the season. Right now is the time to change the soft belly flabber waiving arms of the o and d linemen and make them stronger. Now, next season, you will see the same. Both lines being manhandled by Fresno St let alone the rest of the teams that SC plays.

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  2. Since Sarkisian’s Errand Boy is such a big fan of having his players watch tape, he should show them all the times last season where the Trojans were pushed around and knocked off the ball…pick a game, any game.

    Maybe that will inspire these Snowflakes to get their asses in gear, hit the weight room and do what’s necessary in order to get bigger and stronger. That is the whole point of weight training.


  3. First of all, all of these players have been or have received strength and conditioning training previous to this year. Second, I don’t think that these guys are just out there by themselves doing whatever kind of lifting that they want. Third, all players will have a focus specific to their position and/or injury- that’s 101. I refuse to believe that it is as unorganized as Scott, who has never lifted anything heavier than a box of doughnuts, makes it out to be. Lastly, the mental training that benefits players is as important, maybe even more so, than the physical training. The players that believe in themselves and put in the work will get playing time.


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