The USC Alternate Universe Exists

I hope some of you know where this alternate universe exists that Lynn Swann inhabits.

When Swann says USC will be more physical on the offensive and defensive lines next season, what does he base that on? There is not even a strength coach at the moment so there will be a dramatic improvement?

When Swann says Clay Helton will be less involved with the coordinators next season, does he realize Clancy Pendergast and John Baxter had complete control over the defense and special teams? Helton doesn’t have an interest in that but he did meddle with the offense, for sure. I guarantee he will try to “suggest” things to Graham Harrell and Harrell will need to be strong to prevent Helton from screwing up his offense and ordering him to start JT Daniels.

But maybe none of that compares to when he says Helton is a great coach. That says it all.



13 thoughts on “The USC Alternate Universe Exists

    1. Well to quote that great line uttered by ‘Axel’ (Chuck Aspergren) from ‘The Deer Hunter’ when ‘Stan’ (John Cazale) said the same exact thing to ‘Michael’ (Robert DeNiro)…

      “Maybe he likes the view from down there.”

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  1. I think that part of the problem is that Swann, as a player, was great which requires great discipline- discipline that young college players don’t usually have. A player like Swann could probably just say, “I am going to be more physical,” then go out and do it. Or, “I am going to be more precise with my route running,” Or, “I am going to jump four feet into the air and make the most acrobatic catch in Super Bowl history etc.” and then go out and do it. That is how great a player he was and how self-motivated he was. Having said this, great players don’t make good coaches or motivational speakers (most, not all). They project their ability to be disciplined and motivated and great onto others with far less talent- usually with bad results. The great coaches of today, and of yesteryear as well, know how to motivate, keep a team disciplined, game plan, and manage games. Not sure if Helton, or Swann, can do any of these well.

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    1. Ervin Johnson proved that with his 5 – 11 record as Laker head coach (1993-1994) and the list is endless (Pete Rose – 2 consecutive 2nd place and final season 4th place in NL East and the first year Lou Pinella was manager – CIN won the pennant and world series) …


  2. If a team is going to compete against other great teams like BAMA Clemson,etc…you not only need great strength and conditioning coaches in the weight room, you need to practice as hard and as fast as they do to play at their game speed and toughness level. Just lifting weights will not do it. Teams need to go full pads full speed and collide whether blocking or tackling for toughness, resilience,endurance etc…SC has not ever under helton,and probably will not…unless he is restricted…he even skips available practice times to develop these athletes…it is pathetic what SC allows him to do.

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    1. I agree to a degree, Tim. In today’s day and age protecting players has to factor in to the equation; going all out, all the time isn’t good for players’ health and safety long- term. We know that there is life after football and that taking unnecessary pounding during practice is not beneficial to a players’ long term career. I actually think that a team like Bama benefits from having such a deep team in that their players rotate in and out which, in turn, lowers the wear and tear on their bodies.

      The ideal situation football wise is for players to play 3 or 4 years in college and then have a long, lucrative career in the pros. However, there is a reason why more and more high profile players are not playing in bowl games and are instead focusing on their draft status. There has to be a balance, I don’t know where it is.


  3. Any truth to the rumor I’m hearing about recently fired Jim Leavitt and Clay Helton have had conversations about the DC position. Word is Leavitt is highly motivated to compete against his former team.


    1. Jim Leavitt’s biggest problem is Jim Leavitt.
      Striking a player then intimidating that player to shut up at one school.
      Let go at Oregon & being pd $1.7M a year to go away.

      What could go wrong?


      1. Yeah well there’s also ‘..too many cooks in the kitchen’….at OR …i.e. one Mario Cristobal. Leavitt is a great DC problem was his ego and that of Cristobal didn’t mesh….Taggart brought Leavitt in.

        Would be great if Helton picked him esp. with Helton leaving <1 year.


    1. And Max Nikias wanted to De-Emphasize Trojan football because he felt the NCAA sanctions levied against the football program gave the university a black eye.

      In the end it was Nikias’ quest for higher academia standards that turned out to be a huge embarrassment for the university…how ironic.


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