It’s Important To Remember What Clay Helton Says

I don’t forget things Clay Helton says although he expects people will not remember most of his statements.

Like when asked what to tell fans upset with USC’s recruiting rankings in December, Helton’s reply was to bring up last year’s early signing period when USC signed only 10 players and hadn’t signed JT Daniels and Olaijah Griffin.

OK, so did it get better this time in February, 2019 for USC?

USC’s ranking ended up being 19th by Rivals and 20th by 247Sports.

So Helton was wrong. But he won’t admit it. And Lynn Swann will say he “recruits extraordinarily.”

That’s why you need to keep track of the ridiculous comments.


16 thoughts on “It’s Important To Remember What Clay Helton Says

  1. And Lynn Swann will say he “recruits extraordinarily.”

    Lynn Swann doesn’t know his head from his ass much less anything else.

    The Trojans offensive line has been left in shambles because of that idiot Neil Callaway who Helton recruited…some damn recruit that was.

    As far as player recruit, there should have been a sense of urgency to recruit offensive linemen, but Errand Boy has been more focused on putting out scholarship offers to WR’s who won’t graduate high school until 2 or 3 more years.

    Gawd Damn, total incompetence from top to bottom running rampant in the USC Trojans football program.

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    1. I recall that you posted that video of Callaway being interviewed after practice last fall (before he was fired)? That 2 minute video was very informative.

      I have never seen a person irrespective of profession, who cared less about their job or the performance of the people who were working with them. It was a shame. Not sure how Callaway avoided being fired after the OSU bowl game.

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      1. Callaway is clueless and you’re absolutely right, he couldn’t have cared less knowing that he wasn’t doing any of the players any good.

        After that video came out Helton should have been held accountable for having hired that clueless idiot and been fired as well.

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      2. Man that was an indelible interview. The guy acted more like a security guard at an amusement park than an offensive line coach for a top tier football program. He showed no self-respect nor push back to the gentle but probing questions of his lack of effort. That was the same behavior his players showed when it mattered.

        That hire alone is why Helton is the worst college football coach in div 1 entering 2019.

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    2. I agree with you 110% , Clueless Clay can’t play physical football, because he’s been ignoring the trenches even though Alabama, and Clemson have won by dominating the line of scrimmage. Helton is a pathetic, clueless idiot, which is why Lane Kiffin, and Steve Sarkisian crowned him a figurehead assistant.

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    3. You can say that Helton recruits extraordinarily, because the word extraordinary is an adjective which describes his style as extra ordinary or unbelievable. He might have been insulting Helton.


  2. Helton recruits very well when it comes to OLs…..Damian Mama is killing it at the next level!! “Starting at Right guard for your San Diego Fleet out of southern cal clown college Damian Mama!”

    Everyone knows if you want to play pro ball for the AAF, you go to southern cal!


      1. Thanks for this post, 67! [In crime scene jargon, Los Angles is ‘bleeding out on the floor’]…….

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  3. Keeping track of wrongs, SW. You have officially passed the Event Horizon of the black hole of bitterness. Question remains, where will the wormhole spit you out?


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