USC Loses Its Interim Strength Coach

Keith Belton, who has been interim USC strength coach since Ivan Lewis, is leaving for Kansas, according to his Instagram.

Belton was told by Clay Helton he would not be considered for the head strength coach position, sources said.

USC has had four strength coaches leave in the past six weeks (Lewis took two assistants to Seattle) and now Belton is gone. Belton was previously the head strength coach at UNLV.

This is known as business as usual in the Helton era.


25 thoughts on “USC Loses Its Interim Strength Coach

  1. Maybe Swann can hire Pudly to post pics of athletes posing in the buff throughout the weight room which will inspire the Trojan football team to lift weights on their own.

    Or Errand Boy can just have his players watch tape…


  2. You know we should just put the band director in charge of strength and conditioning. Art Bartner is the original energizer bunny. There must be something to his system because he took a program of 60 musicians or less and turned them into the Spirit of Troy, which puts twice that number on the field.
    And one thing the band knows how to do is Fight On

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  3. What makes anyone think Swann and Helton will be able to hire a strength & conditioning coach who knows what they’re doing when those two clowns have no clue what they’re doing?

    USC is very lucky they don’t have more players heading for the portal.

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    1. It isn’t fair of you to imply Helton’s not on top of things, tebow. He runs a tight ship. Why, I remember once when two of our starters ran into [and seriously injured] each other prior to a game because NO ONE was orchestrating warm ups —Helton took full notice and said “It was weird. Live and learn.”

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      1. PT,
        I mostly respect SC. How can I not when I only need one hand to counts CAL wins in last 20+ yrs. HOWEVER,
        two things. That was a PAC-12 broadcast &
        Did you notice the SC behaviour on the sidelines?
        Did you notice the schemes CAL was using w/3* to defeat 4*-5* SC? The praise the impartial announcers gave to certain CAL soph/juniors?
        And I know you guys have mentioned this countless times….that SC center on O?
        Geesh..was that the best Coach Helton could put on the field?


  4. Hmmm work for Les Miles or Gomer??? Hey Wolf I scooped that Belton was leaving for your “outsideusc” blog a couple weeks ago while you were supposedly talking to members of the team for “inside” info. The Clay Helton of journalism strikes again!

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  5. I can’t think of another program that historically is as inept as KS Jayhawk football is….their best recent season was 1968 when they earned the Big 12 title and went to the Orange Bowl – lost to PA St. which began the rise of the Nittany Lions.

    Belton must not be much of a coach

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    1. Kansas has been one of the biggest jokes in college football as a general rule…but they did have one year more recently than 1968 (2007 – Aqib Talib team ranked #1 near the end of the year prior to losing close game to #2 Missouri – finished 12-1 and won the Orange Bowl over Tyrod Taylor and Virginia Tech). The ’60s was their golden era (Gale Sayers, John Hadl, John Riggins). Interesting, sad, fact: Kansas and Kansas State are a combined 3-0 against USC (KU beat the 1983 Ted Tollner team – that was the worst USC team prior to Gomer’s historic takedown last season – at the Coliseum with Sean Salisbury manning the helm)…

      And now they are less of a joke than USC…Les Miles was a bit of a buffoon at LSU, but he could definitely recruit, consistently put good defenses on the field, and his teams never lacked effort.

      Such is the Fall of Troy…

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      1. No idea about 2007- my bad. I just remember how that Orange Bowl finished with PA St. given a 2nd chance on the PAT on a controversial call against the Jayhawks at the Orange Bowl. Remember watching it the same day USC lost earlier to OH St. at the Rose Bowl while attending college in So. Carolina

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      2. 1) Your point is still spot on. Post-68 KU’s claims to fame in football – in opposition to basketball – presents a very short reading list: ’75 Nolan Cromwell quarterbacked team giving Oklahoma juggernaut a shocking 20 point beatdown (Switzer’s first loss as head coach, and the team still won the national title when Vermeil led UCLA to its last meaningful victory over Woody), ’84 again an upset beatdown over an otherwise unbeaten Sooner squad forced to use a freshman backup named Troy Aikman (a broken leg early the next season accounting for how he ended up in Westwood), the ’83 upset of USC, and the 2007 team.

        2) I’m a lifelong USC fan, but grew up in and later returned to Kansas City, so have a fair degree of trivia accumulation about the local teams, and in particular as it relates to the Trojans (e.g. Missouri costing John Robinson a national title during his first season; Kansas State serving as the final spur to the Pete Carroll era by hanging on for a close win in 2002 when Mike Williams had his second case of the drops that year contributing to close losses).

        3) You watched those bowl games?! That’s awesome (i love watching/reading about games in the past)…I have a copy of the Rose Bowl (that Ohio State team was good, but history has distorted that game…most people don’t get that USC was up 10-0 and should very well have went on to a blowout win except for the fumbles) on DVD…I love hearing the perspective of people who actually watched, their impressions…

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      3. One last add on – I also went to college in South Carolina (at least in part!)…I obtained my Army ROTC commission at Wofford College, but actually attended USC (it’s called Upstate now, but then just plain old Spartanburg)…where did you attend?

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    1. That’s a great one and I had completely space off that he played with the Chiefs as well as the Cowboys – and didn’t know he obtained his BA from Kansas! (know there’s been lots of discussion pro and con about the advisability of JDR being installed as head coach…without going in that direction, I have posted once on here months ago that my first thought of JDR is that he was on Ted Tollner’s ’84 team that bounced back from the disastrous ’83 season to give us quite a season of highs and lows – and that team was physical and had a lot of character)…

      There are a couple (but not many) other play connections from this area: the more noteworthy ones are Brad Budde (his dad having been on the great Chiefs teams, along with Mike Garrett among others) and Rodney Peete (his dad was an assistant coach with the Chiefs)…the less remembered one, but my personal favorite in many ways, is Michael Harper (tailback behind Marcus Allen and then the starter in ’82).

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      1. The best was Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamson and his running his mouth before SB I. Lombardi knew the Packers were going to crush the Chiefs but he began talking up that mutt’s comments prior to the kickoff about his (Williamson) calling himself ‘The Hammer’.
        2nd play from scrimmage – Williamson is on the ground out cold and those were the days when CBS had that big garbage lid ‘sound’ amplifier on the ground to pick up the game.

        One Packer says to the other “Hey someone got the Hammer!'” and then came the zinger with the other D linemen for Green Bay tapping Williamson’s helmet with his cleat and then you hear “Come on bad ass…get up!”

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    1. Had some good times in Charleston! and driving back and forth on the state highway connecting to Savannah when I was stationed at Fort Stewart…of course, wasn’t able to afford to get there too often from up in the Clem(p)son corner of the state…

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      1. Any flight into Charleston always had ‘1’ stop out of ATL – either Savannah-GA….Charlotte-NC or Columbia-SC,,,,’and’ (as was the case with NYC’s MTA line to Lexington Line) ….even if you want to go to Hell …you still have to change trains at Grand Central.”


      2. Yes, a lot of the airports in the Deep South were of the regional variety…Savannah’s is a little better because of the presence of both Gulfstream and the Army Ranger Battalion/3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart…

        And Charleston and Savannah (and Saint Augustine in Florida – I always thought of those three as being triplet small cities) so fit the definition of “big” small cities, with the partying tending towards the big, and the airports towards the small…


  6. CAL75,

    I think Wilcox will be a decent to a good coach. The next few years will tell us where he is going with the team. However, you have the apathetic administration that would rather see football be forgotten than to support the team. That sounds like SC as well. I have two dear friends that attended Cal and we give each other heck. I hope you are here for the SC vs CAL week so we can be mortal enemies for one week only. After the game, we will be on the good side of each other. Take care.

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    1. PT,
      Nov 16th @CAL. Ought to be interesting if we get a QB. And WR’s. And OL. And RB.
      You guys have a brutal road. 7+ tough tough games. Two short weeks. One bye week. You shoulda bribed the schedule maker. And. Recruited db’s.


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