Report: Velus Jones Enters Transfer Portal

Wide receiver Velus Jones has entered the NCAA transfer portal, according to

Is wide receiver depth actually going to be an issue for Graham Harrell?

if you wonder why I repeatedly write about player dissatisfaction with Clay Helton, this is the latest example. Bru McCoy saw in 10 days how unhappy many players were.

Don’t be surprised if more players transfer.

UPDATED: Cornerback Greg Johnson has also reportedly entered the transfer portal.


19 thoughts on “Report: Velus Jones Enters Transfer Portal

    1. The transfer portal doesn’t have infinite dimensions, Lateral. Presently, there are too many players in it to leave any room for fans.


  1. If Velus leaves who will we have to run kickoffs back for a whopping 8 yards per pop….or drop sure TD passes?

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  2. Every WR that leaves opens up another spot for an Offensive Lineman Scholarship. Unfortunately, I’m afraid Gomer isn’t thinking line that.

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  3. Hunter Echols is leaving, too (just announced at noon Hawaii Time). Helton needs to start practice ASAP —while he still has one player per position.

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      1. Echols seems to have people (mom & dad) pulling him in different directions. Who knows how this one would end up. I’d think they’d want to go through spring at least to see what happens, especially Jones, who was a starter and with the air raid system they run multiple wideout sets.

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    1. This is my naive (unreasonable & unjustified) hope, Pudly—-Helton has let certain players know they have low probabilities of starting so that they leave and players we actually need have time to transfer into our program…..

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  4. The clusterf*ck that USC Football has become has been achieved by design.

    It’s known throughout the college football landscape that Clay Helton is a fucking second rate coach who is in way over his head. Helton is a joke. I don’t give a rats ass how nice Clay Helton is, what the hell does that have anything to do with coaching football? The man flat out can’t coach.

    And you have that worthless POS figurehead Lynn Swann, who is just as clueless as Clay Helton, sitting idly by doing absolutely nothing to fix the Gawd Damn mess Max Nikias and Pat Haden created.

    In fact, Swann just pours more fuel on this Trojan dumpster fire, having given that incompetent fool Clay Helton a contract extension and continuous pats on the back.

    How Gawd Damn Embarrassing!


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