Quite a game at Pauley Pavilion. With Max Nikias in attendance.

Of course Andy Enfield can’t get USC a good shot at the end of regulation and it’s off to overtime.

Jaylen Hands makes a loooong 3-point shot. nd UCLA wins in OT, 93-88.


5 thoughts on “USC Loses To UCLA In OT

  1. Another typical Enfield loser move. One of the worst last secs, play
    coming out of a timeout. Dribble the ball near half court until 5-6 secs.
    left in the game and force a contested off balance shot by Boatwright.
    The only thing Bill Walton got right in his inane ramblings all night. Can’t
    believe Max Nikias was there, guess he knows to stay away from the
    Galen Ctr.


  2. That Pat Haden sure knows how to pick em’!! southern cal needs to give a lifetime extension to Andy Enfield!!



    1. GT —Enfield’s road record could be predicted in advance. Sure, UCLA is close by —but it’s still not homecourt—-so we will lose in overtime. The further we get from campus, though, the bigger the loss margins.
      USC’s players only like to play at home— where there aren’t any prying eyes to judge them and the night’s over early. They’ve got lots of other stuff to do.


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