Why Are So Many Receivers Leaving?

Does it make sense for Randal Grimes, Josh Imatorbhebhe, Trevon Sidney, Bru McCoy and Velus Jones to transfer out of USC? Or for Puka Nacua to decommit?

Everyone is different and their reasons. But here is a reason for more than one that I can confirm: There is a feeling among the wide receivers (and other positions) that Clay Helton plays favorites.

They see how he kept JT Daniels at quarterback no matter how poorly he played. They see how Toa Lobendahn was entrenched at center no matter how many snaps he botched.

And then they see Daniels loves to throw a lot to Amon-Ra St. Brown.

For someone like Grimes, who Helton never gave a chance, it made sense to transfer.

I’m not sure it makes for Jones. He is a slot receiver, USC has depth issues and is switching to an Air Raid offense. Jones figured to play. But imagine being a receiver who has no faith in his coach and thinks he just wants to get the ball to St. Brown? St. Brown, Tyler Vaughns or Michael Pittman?

Then maybe it is harder to stay. Especially when you go somewhere and be eligible immediately.


11 thoughts on “Why Are So Many Receivers Leaving?

  1. Well Helton now reaps what he sowed but delusionally believes the players love him. What now must be asked is: what is going to happen if this demoralization of the team continues for the entire year, when it is avoidable?


  2. According to sources Greg Johnson and Velus Jones Jr. are going to transfer… Greg Johnson was seen visiting Joseph Lewis at the Castaic Men’s detention center. A guard overheard Johnson say he would rather be in jail then to play for southern cal with it’s stupid rah rah racist fan base! He mention “Pasadena Trojan” by name!



      1. Nice of you to look out for our boy Pasadena, Fred….. but you gotta admit that was one of the funniest things Ted has said in a long time……


  3. Maybe it is because those “in side” USC constantly put the program and it coaches and players down. They have not yet matured to the point where they have learned to not take jackals seriously.

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    1. That’s probably partly true, Ken. But, to be fair, you really have to LISTEN to Cam Smith’s comments about the state of discipline on the team under Helton. It isn’t pretty. And it isn’t being addressed…..

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  4. Why are so many receivers leaving? Because It’s been an over recruited position since Clay Helton took over the program , he actually had 17 receivers on the roster at one time while he totaled ignored players in the trenches. Pete Carroll did the same thing with his running backs , but he and Steve Sarkisian tried to label them losers , and said they were scared to compete if they flirted with the idea of transferring .


  5. This post has little to do with Wolfe’s post, but I was watching the Rose Bowl from 2 years back. It’s amazing how we went from serious potential to shite and shite in two years. Looking back at that Rose Bowl, these weren’t even Helton’s kids. They were Sarks. It’s like when Switzer won a Super Bowl with Jimmy Johnson’s players with the Cowboys. Switzer didn’t have to do anything, just let the team play. Which brings me back to Helton…of course he’s supposedly nice and a good man, but he’s driven this program into a deep rut that will take YEARS to recover from in just two years. There will be a 30/30 episode if anyone can bring this team back, after Helton is dismissed next year. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sdNxk6uk2N8#fauxfullscreen

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    1. A lot of folks (including me) don’t WANT to believe how right you are on this, omar. But ALL you have to do is listen to Cam Smith’s interview on what’s wrong with USC football to see that you’re 100% right. Cam was the ultimate insider and he said publicly that players aren’t working hard for Helton. How Swann could have heard that interview (which —let’s face it —he couldn’t have missed) and kept Helton is a mystery worth TWO 30/30 episodes (one of which should be entitled “While USC Slept”).

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  6. They left because no matter how hard they worked some guys were not allowed to break out. Trevon Sydney had a break out game openening day against UNLV. He never got the same opportunity the rest of he year. The guy was making one handed catches in practice.
    Clay would rather play a guy in the second half that was tired, beat up or got shut down the entire first half then to start a guy like Sydney in the second half. Dudes are fed up with the BS.


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