A Curious Position Switch

USC moved John Houston to middle linebacker yesterday. He has been inconsistent the past two seasons so moving him to a more complex position doesn’t seem to make sense.

Palaie Gaoteote was supposed to be the middle linebacker but he replaced Houston on the weakside. That might make sense because he hasn’t played much and this will make his transition easier.

Maybe if redshirt freshman Solomon Tuliaupupu develops during spring, he can be the answer at middle linebacker.

But do you really imagine the coaches benching Houston for his senior season?


11 thoughts on “A Curious Position Switch

  1. Scottie is completely stuck on this idea that every coach at SC plays favorites no matter what.

    Helton and Pendergast know their jobs are absolutely on the line. Yes, they will bench Houston if they think that decision will help them win.

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    1. This is a nice sentiment that I wish I could agree with, but do helton or Pendergast really think they are coaching for their jobs?

      After Darnold (and heltons) second year, when the team had taken a noticeable step backwards in almost every way and an embarrassing bowl loss to Ohio state, I was 100% certain that Helton would be on the hot seat if they had a slow start to 2018. When the team only won 5 games, and lost to every rival in a year when the rivals weren’t even that great, I was 100% sure he’d be fired.

      He was retained and defended by Swann, then talked about a Notre Dame level staff overhaul that he was never held accountable to, so I’m pretty sure helton has no fear of losing his job. And his reactive ‘culture’ and scheme changes look to me like he is trying to keep things as status-quo as possible but with some ‘cover-your-ass’ prepared statements.

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      1. Sounds like Helton’s come up with the perfect public relations strategy. Only drawback? It won’t win football games.


      2. SC has enough talent to win at a Stanford level in spite of Huggs. That is all President Wanda requires as USC is fundamentally transformed.


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