Morning Buzz: USC Finally Takes Steps Against Scandal Students

Finally, football practice returns today.

Meanwhile, USC placed a hold on the accounts of all enrolled students connected to the college admissions scandal. That means the students cannot register for classes or receive their transcripts.

The hold on transcripts would prevent the students from transferring.

The university said it would take “proper action” after reviewing each case including potentially expelling students. USC said it has notified the students of their new status.

  • The faculty of the Annenberg School pledged to immediately launch a collaborative student-faculty reporting initiative that will seek to discover the facts of the admissions cheating case, “as well as previous scandals, of equal of greater gravity.”

That sounds like a project that could last for years.

“Transparency, honesty and accountability are at the core of the journalism and public relations professions,” the faculty said in a statement. “For that reason, we believe we have a moral and intellectual obligation to speak out and demand that USC uphold these values.”

If only Lynn Swann believed in all of that, especially accountability.

  • Did you know UCLA baseball is ranked No. 1 in the nation? Of course the Bruins coach is former USC assistant John Savage, who turned down an offer from Pat Haden of around $900,000 per year a few years ago.
  • Can you imagine Swann offering that much money to a new baseball coach? I’m sure Savage feels even better about turning down USC now.



11 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Finally Takes Steps Against Scandal Students

      1. When SC played on March 10, 2019, SC was ahead 4 to nutin. However, a fielding error allowed the biggest cheaters of all time back into the game when the scored 3 runs. I left when it was 4 to 3. They can beat those yahoos.

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    1. What a joke being ranked #1. Oregon St. beat them on Saturday! They could not get past the opening regional last year playing at home. Hubbs
      stinks of course managing the Trojans.


  1. Flashback 2011

    Trojan players rely on talent and heart to beat the Irish…

    Robert Woods and Curtis McNeal were exceptional in this game. McNeal doing a number on Manti Te’o, running through him as well as laying key blocks throughout the game.

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    1. tebow —-A couple of times it almost looked like tightends were being allowed to help out on offense….


      1. They must have been in the game by mistake, were trying to get off the field and just happened to run into a defender after the ball was snapped…knowing Kiffin and his ridiculous play calling.


  2. So what about the student witha low SAT score -the person who had the score fixed or cheated on the test?
    The scholastic aptitude test isn’t a measure of real knowledge, rather it’s a test of test taking ability. Some kids spend months studying for the test and basically regurgitate the answers on the day of the test. Others will go in blind but know the best test taking techniques. I knew a kid who got a doctor to say he was handicapped by test taking anxiety. Because he was disabled he applied through a program called workability and was accepted. He never took the SAT and had tutors provided for the whole time he was at school. His grades were accepted as proof he could learn.
    So since there is a way into school without athletic slight of hand, are they going to accept that a few of these students might have been good students?


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