Has USC Hired A President?

I’m hearing rumors the Board of Trustees voted to hire a new president and they are sitting tight with the announcement.

Hmmm. Will it be an academic like Northwestern president Morton Schapiro or a corporate CEO type like Bob Iger of Disney?


19 thoughts on “Has USC Hired A President?

    1. Morton Schapiro would be the quintessential hire with his stellar achievements at Northwestern. It would make perfect sense, which means he won’t be hired since the insufferably politically correct numskulls who have been overseeing USC in recent years deal in absolute nonsense. In my time at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, we once ran a poll that created widespread interest: Who’s the worst quarterback in LA, Dieter Brock or Marc Wilson? Well, note to the estimable author of this compelling blog, Mr. Scott Wolf: Start a twin poll: Who’s the worst athletic director in USC history, Pat Haden or Lynn Swann? Who’s the worst football coach in USC history, Paul Hackett or Clay Helton? My choices: An absolute tie between that faux philanthropist, Pat Haden, and that unsurpassed bumbler, Lynn Swann. And I never thought I would live to see a more incompetent coach than Paul Hackett, but along comes Mr Bumpkin himself, Lovable Ol’ Clay Helton, to wipe out the horrifying memory of Paulie Walnuts.

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      1. Hey Doug, miss you on the radio with Bud Furillo ( KABC ) back in the days. Hope you are doing well at this time. Good to see your indepth message if that is the real you posting. You should come speak to our
        SFV Trojan Club in August for Media Night if you are still local in Long
        Beach for nearby.

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    2. Chelsea Clinton.

      She’s perfect. She has a big mouth, little brains and kisses up to Muslims. Plus she can appoint her father BJ Clinton to be the university’s Title IX Coordinator and Executive Director of OED. This office is responsible for investigating cases of protected-class discrimination or sexual harassment in the university community, and enforcing the university’s anti-harassment and non-discrimination policies.

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      1. gt —Please don’t place the weight of fixing USC on dim little Chelsea’s shoulders. She has more than enough to worry about as we edge closer to the appointment of a second Independent Counsel.

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  1. Why would they pick a “CEO-type”? Haven’t they seen enough of what happens when you pick people who have no experience at the job?

    Running a university and a corporation are very different. There is no way that a bunch of academics would buy into a CEO telling them what to do.

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  2. Morton Schapiro would be an asset to the football program and athletics in general. He knows how to lead a university and would give Heritage Hall space to do what it needs to do to administer the sports teams. Also, he would appoint more competent administrators as he did at Northwestern, not like the clueless dolts who are inside Heritage Hall now.

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  3. I hope it is Schapiro. A proven University President. But what makes you think that’s the USC way? If the BOT is making the decision, I fear it will be Iger.

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    1. I get your view save I doubt bringing in someone with the wealth Iger has is going to be a ‘sign’ of USC moving away from the most recent scandal they have been most justifiably and severely tarred with – wealth buys access.

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