USC Raises Tuition 3.5 Percent

What great timing!

USC announced today it would raise tuition 3.5 percent next year from $55,320 to $57,256, a 3.5 percent increase.

The increase was approved by the Board of Trustees, of course.

USC spins this by saying, “The increase is one of the lowest in five decades.”

Maybe they wanted to announce it before the next scandal breaks.

The Board of Trustees probably feels $57,256 a year for tuition is quite reasonable when it costs $616,500 to rent Rick Caruso’s yacht for a week in the summer


20 thoughts on “USC Raises Tuition 3.5 Percent

  1. This is just the first installment payment for the payouts that are to come. 1. Nikias & Wanda. 2. Haden & Swann. 3. Gomer and staff. 4. The crackhead ho who was defiled by the med school dean. 5. The cords that were inappropriately photographed and probed by the health center Ob-gyn. 6. The underprivileged but deserving candidates to USC that got turned away while the bimbos and morons fraudulently came in through the “side door”. 7. The kids that spent $85 for the application +$20 for financial aid review assuming that the process was fair and unbiased. 8. The kids who graduate that now have to explain to prospective employers that they are legit. 9…

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    1. If I remember correctly, when I started in 1966 it was $120 a unit and you took 16 per semester. Two semesters a year. It was a lot of $ then. How totally tone deaf are these people?

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      1. Started the same year, Michael Link. Yep, that was the per unit cost.
        [I hope you can assure me that you voted for me for ASSC President in 1969]……


      2. We’re you a long haired hippie with a left wing Ted and Owns agenda? If so probably not. Frankly, don’t remember. Who did you run against?

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      3. Hmm I don’t think it was that much – I graduated in 1972 and there was a huge angry reaction when they increased it Autumn of 1970…maybe I am wrong but I recall it was just under $100 a unit – ran about $1,600 a semester for the average 4 units per class.

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      4. Ran against Ed Hurst (National Debating Champion), Eric Cohen (Daily Trojan editor who went on to produce Welcome Back Kotter on tv), Tim McDuffie (who went on to become Nixon’s Chief of staff at San Clemente) and my wonderful, departed friend Joel Rosenzweig (who directed Cagney and Lacey and was a genius who staged the first production of the rock opera, Tommy). The race was covered by the remarkably talented Daily Trojan writer, Elliot Zweibach. Looking back, everybody connected to that race —-with the exception of me — was really talented.


    1. Timing is Everything, 67.


  2. Board of Trustees = scam artists. Why increase tuition when you have billions and billions in your endowment and you are the subject of the biggest college admissions scam in the nation ? Tone deaf simply doesn’t describe this conduct. It really is time to get rid of the Board of Trustees and whittle it down from 80 to 10. Who needs 80 dicks sitting around a table ignoring the disaster of the Athletic Department and then fingering these kids once again in tuition hikes. Were there any members of the Board of Trustees who opposed this increased ? There needs to be transparency in this vote. We should be able to know which Trustees voted for this increase.

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    1. Yes, every one of them who is unqualified should resign. That would probably leave about 20. The incompetent ones know who they are. If they don’t resign, then the few on the BOT who have any sense should call them out and tell them to leave so that the university can have a chance to recover.

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      1. 67 —I guess we need to send the Board a telegram: “All Those Unqualified—Resign at Once!”


    2. Well there’s an awful lot of lawsuits that have to be settled – that cited $200 million for that monster Tyndall is on the low end. Who knows how much contributions have been hit or shall be by this awful scandal? Heinel was a law unto herself and she knew it which is why she moved when the ‘play’ was presented to her.

      That alone is reason enough to throw Swann out on his ass with his golf bag rammed over his head.


  3. The cost of tuition is just as embarrassing as the incompetent leadership at the top.



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    1. USC is praying that you—- not only love your kids that much— but that you’re willing and able to pony up an extra $500,000 at the front end for admission.


    2. That 57K nut is for lucky in-state residents. Out of state resident tuition is much worse.

      But just imagine the nut per year is for a student from Mainland China or other out of country student. It’s like paying a 100k for a cheesy, 4-banger, Chevy Malibu.


  4. How can they justify the 3.5% increase when CPI is usually around 3%? The buildings and land are paid off. The salaries will probably go up to 1% to 2%, so they will be making a 1.5% profit off of that. Feel sorry for the kids that have to pay full freight.


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