USC Offers A Top Prospect After 36 Other Schools!

Here is why it is so ridiculous for anyone to obsess over who is USC’s recruiting director:

This morning, USC offered La Habra cornerback Clark Phillips.

La Habra is 28 miles from L.A.

Phillips has been offered by Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Georgia, Michigan and Texas A&M.

And USC just offered him today?!?!?

Someone needs to walk into the McKay Center and shake Clay Helton by the shirt collar for ignoring top prospects so close to USC.

But this just illustrates why it is such a joke for Helton, USC recruiting sites and over-the-hill pundits to claim USC’s hiring of a recruiting director is so important or USC is short-handed on support staff.

You don’t need a recruiting director or a support staff to know a four-star cornerback is at La Habra. You don’t need them to know Calabasas has two stud receivers. Top prospects the entire country knows are ignored by USC.

USC’s recruiting is completely inept because of the coaching staff. A new recruiting director won’t change that.


51 thoughts on “USC Offers A Top Prospect After 36 Other Schools!

  1. It pains me greatly to agree with Wolf, but, he is correct on this. The gross ineptitude of Helton to run a program on and off the field is actually stunning. A legacy top 10 national football program being run by a complete and utter incompetent. It compares nicely to the state of CA and the minions in Sacramento. Hard to believe…

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    1. Linkster —while we’re on the topic of what pains us, allow me to say I lived much of my life in California and I left only because I could see the state I loved most had lost it’s way. USC (and UCLA) will continue to slide because they exist in a state that deliberately works very hard at placing dense ideas in the heads of it’s citizens —-young and old. And it’s starting to work. When I saw Toa LAUGH at how bad his snaps were (“Ha Ha. Sorry, J.T.”) I realized how big of a problem Clay had on his hands. It would take someone a LOT stronger and more charismatic than Clay to pump these kids up and convince them that it wasn’t “all good.” The programs that succeed teach discipline and the importance of doing everything right every time. Even if you don’t FEEL like it. Even if it hurts. Look at the results last year: USC is not that kind of program.

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      1. Yep, James. Who’s the Goux type who pumps everybody up the night before the Notre Dame game? Who’s the Orgeron who gets everybody ready to give their blood for a victory over UCLA? Where’s the Carroll who says to the team at half, “They tried an onside and we ran it back for a touchdown! How cool is that? They try it again, we run it back again!”

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      2. MG

        And that translates to the field of course – where’s the Mike Patterson? where’s the Lofa Tatupu? where’s the Myron Lapka? etc

        Imagine you’re down 21-3 in Tempe at halftime and your starting QB is out of it…imagine you’re down 12-3 in Baton Rouge with minutes to play…imagine you’re down 24-0 to the Irish…

        What do you do?


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      3. MG, right on about California. Second highest housing costs in country, worst homeless problem, worst poverty rate, one of the worst income tax burdens, one of the worst rankings in terms of K-12 schools…you made the right choice to move to the islands. Hawaii also has screwball politicians like CA, but you get to live in paradise.

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      4. 67 — Yo are SO right. On the short walk from City Hall East to the Criminal Courts Building, I used to see dozens upon dozens of homeless on the sidewalks. What pissed me off was I knew that the Community Redevelopment Agency had been given many, many BILLIONS of dollars to create affordable housing for all those people. Where did that money go? Every person I saw on the street shoulda been living in a private home made of pure gold for that kind of money. L. A. is a company town —no accountability, no interest in fixing it’s problems. That’s probably true here, too —-but at least I can go for a swim in clear water and look at double rainbows every other day.

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      5. James —- Now that J. T. is a year older (and hopefully more accepted by the players around him), I could see him as a difference maker in bad situations. He’s a VERY articulate young man. Never a bad quality in a QB. I can tell from the spunk he demonstrates in interviews he has it in him to look guys in the eyes in the heat of a losing battle and tell them, “we’re gonna catch fire starting NOW!” It’s all in the WAY you say it —and I think he’s ready to say it like he means it and everybody will know he means it.

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      6. MG, Amen brother! I can imagine that you have seen a lot from the inside, and it is not 99/100 times it is bad, it is 100/100. Yes?

        You are right, good people keep falling for it. And they will keep falling for it.


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      7. no question CA has lost its way. I live in Dana Point (south OC) so I never go farther north than Irvine so I don’t see much of what LA has turned in to. The last time I drove thru town I was appalled. I have traveled to SF on business many times a year and that place south of market street is like a jungle. Homeless, drug addicts, people shitting on the street etc. The new mayor first concern as a priority was getting needles to the addicts on the streets. Talk about losing your way…

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      8. @trojan67

        46 in every 10,000 Hawaii residents are homeless. That’s the highest rate in the nation, a new report says

        By HNN Staff | December 18, 2018 at 11:47 AM HST – Updated December 18 at 11:47 AM

        HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Hawaii and New York tied for the highest per capita rates of homelessness in 2018, a new federal report to Congress shows.

        The report said that while homelessness in the islands declined nearly 10 percent from 2017, Hawaii continued to outpace other states in the number of homeless people compared to its overall population.

        In 2018, 46 in every 10,000 Hawaii residents experienced homelessness, the federal report said.

        That’s the same rate as New York — and higher than California (33 out of 10,000 people), Massachusetts (29 out of 10,000 people), and Nevada (25 out of 10,000 people).

        Hawaii also had the nation’s fourth-highest rate of unsheltered homeless people. Some 53 percent of homeless counted in a survey in January were living on the streets and not in shelters.

        And Hawaii was one of just five states in the nation where homelessness among veterans has increased in 2009.

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    2. MG, way off topic, but have you been following the budget fiasco in NYC? De Blasio’s wife has spent roughly $1 billion on mental health treatment in the city, with almost no measurable effects, and they haven’t kept the books, so no record of where the $$ went…


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      1. 67 —Here’s what good folks who like Democrat talking points don’t realize: The words are sometimes fetching but they take huge amounts of money for programs that are not seriously monitored. How long does that get to go on? What’s really happening is that they take your tax money and they give it to the folks who have contributed to their campaigns on the pretext those folks are really building affordable housing, really curing people with alcohol and drug problems, really running anger management programs, etc., etc. It’s making a few people very rich. The rest is all tokenism. It’s just a scam. And good people keep falling for it because they haven’t seen it from the inside….as I have.

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      2. 67 –Why wouldn’t it be 100 times outta 100? The voters pay their elected leaders a couple hundred thousand $$. Their contributors pay them tens of millions. Who does anybody think their really working for? What interest would they have in defending lawsuits against the city or state when it’s their contributors who are the ones representing plaintiff? Why not put the worst, most incompetent people they can find in charge of defending the rights of the voters? You get to pay your contributors back with the voters’ money. It’s almost too easy to fleece the good people who trust them.

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  2. Scooter,

    The good news from your report is that Thug U aka ruinville did not offer. Chocolate Chip Kelly knows his program would have a very far reach to try and recruit him. I wonder if Just Rent aka Night Train has any years of eligibility left. He probably could start if he wasn’t always in a stupor. Don’t worry about his transcripts. Billy Don Jackson who could not write or read got in. Just Rent aka Night Train would be able to get in on those credentials

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  3. The turmoil in recruiting seems very different from last year when USC did a bit better reeling in recruits. This year was a dud of epic proportions which likely is tied to the 5 – 7 record from last year.

    Helton is still a putz who needs to be let go but winning and losing (and not coaching players up, and being on the hot seat) still matters. Win a few of those games last fall (UCLA, ASU, Cal) and maybe recruiting would have been better but Helton completely failed at winning last year.



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      1. Let’s be honest PT, it does rain more than once a year in berkeley, then they get that cold sauna pretty regular too…you know it’s what we call fog down here.


      2. PT,

        Once or twice a month for me. I skewed the average.



    1. As if your boy Clay Helton has such a stellar record when it comes to his players not getting into trouble on his watch.

      Why don’t you hold Helton accountable for the sexual assaults and burglary charges that some of his players were caught up in?

      Pudwacker will do or say whatever it takes in order to try and deflect any attention away from that incompetent buffoon Clay Helton that he has worshipped while hanging from his nut sack.


      1. F’off troll. This had nothing to do with players but then you’ve got nothing to do with the truth. Calling you “halfwit” would be a clear promotion.
        Hillbilly troll. Crackbaby.
        Still waiting to hear about something SC ever did well from you. You homophobic putz.


      2. Had nothing to do with players, huh Pudwacker? That’s how fucking stupid you are, you didn’t even bother to read the article that you pasted the link to.

        “According to the woman’s social media post, she has medically withdrawn from the university and is seeking “intensive therapy and psychiatry for the post traumatic stress syndrome and anxiety” she says she suffered after the alleged verbal and physically harassed. She said coaches and players stared at her during practice, sent “creepy” messages on social media and invited her to parties or to meet them in campus offices after hours or in a local hotel.

        Do you read where she said this…

        “She said coaches and players stared at her during practice, sent “creepy” messages on social media and invited her to parties or to meet them in campus offices after hours or in a local hotel.”

        That’s how fucking stupid you are, always talking out your ass, not knowing WTF you’re talking about.


      1. Good point, Pudly! Her story has the “ring of truth.” Actually, all stories have “the ring of truth.” In fact, every time I hear anybody claiming they were victimized by anybody else, I hear that ringing and I know that I’m obliged to get on their team and push for them to get some kind of mega award for their suffering.

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    2. Paige Cornelius. She shakes her lilly white ass around a bunch of poon hounds then complains when they hit on her. FFS what did she expect? If they ignored her then she’d figure out to bitch about something else.

      You mean to tell me if she smells that good that only FB players are hitting on her? At least CAL has deep pockets so she’ll collect a lot.
      If she was talking about suing Joe 6pack student-he doesn’t have resources to attack.

      But she was at the stadium at 0630 to welcome the early arrivals. Ykes. All preplanned.
      I’m selling guns & ordnance this weekend at Costa Mesa. Stop by & have a cold one.

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  4. Ask anyone around the country that knows college football and they’ll tell you Swann and Helton ain’t worth a shit. Those two idiots continue to degrade Trojan football, running the program so far into the ground it is far less competitive now than when the team was sanctioned with all those scholarship losses.

    To make matters even worse, the PAC 12 conference is far weaker now than during the sanction years. Helton having been afforded the luxury of USC being able to recruit itself and haul in quite a few top 5 and a couple of #1 ranked recruiting classes during his 9 years at USC and he still finished 5-7 with a team and program that year in and year out attracts the best recruiting classes not only in the PAC 12, but in the country. Save for this latest recruiting class.

    Clay Helton is clueless and has no business being a head football coach at any level and that includes high school and Pee Wee.

    As for Lynn Swann, he’s either just as incompetent as Helton and or he was hired in as a figurehead with no authority to make any changes in the athletic dept., doesn’t care that’s the case and is more than happy to collect a check he hasn’t earned and sure as hell doesn’t deserve. Swann has no damn shame!

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    1. Take it easy on Helton, tebow. If it weren’t for Toa snapping the ball into the endzone and J.T. picking the UCLA game to throw a pass down field with his eyes closed, Helton coulda finished a world beating 7-5 and played in the prestigious Sun Bowl.
      And take it easy on Pudly, too. I mean wtf?! Can’t you guys be buds? So he defends the indefensible Helton sometimes—can’t we forgive him for that?


    2. Yes mrP. Seriously. AFWIW, I do sell ordnance. It’s my hobby. I just transferred 100 155mm to BATTLEFIELD VEGAS. Youtube them. They came by & picked them up today. I provide the projectiles from little 4″ howitzers to 203mm howitzers. That 203mm is getting heavier each year. 240lb bullet.
      I shoot machine guns. You all need to go there & at least shoot a minigun or M16 once. You’ll have a new outlook on life.



      1. Why don’t you shoot yourself you creep.! Appears you have less than 75%
        brain function. What are the high power weapons good for, absolutely
        nothing! You need a new outlook on existing in society. Why do you
        come on this site instead of the Crackers / White Supremacist ones who
        have the brain capacity of a bullet.


    1. PT,
      Don’t assume that I’m respectable. I’ve had my share of being 86’d.



  5. I AGREE,
    I agree with Scott Wolf and by the looks of it most of you.

    What the **** is Clay Helton thinking/doing?

    Does he need to have a surprise drug test because that’s gotta be a good way of him saving face. At least he could use that as an excuse for the way he’s urinated on the progress of USC Football.

    #Why Is He Still Here?


  6. Hey Stevie b
    I see you’re back again with a minor name change spewing your useless drival.



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