Carol Folt And Ghost Of USC’s Past

What role will Max Nikias play during Carol Folt‘s tenure as USC president?

He is the president emeritus and it’s been reported some of the trustees did not want him to resign last year and tried to get him to stay, which was overruled by Rick Caruso.

So Nikias might still have influence and will undoubtedly have an opinion on what Folt’s doing at USC. Especially with the billionaires on the board of trustees.

He should just stay away or not speak to trustees but that is not going to happen.


17 thoughts on “Carol Folt And Ghost Of USC’s Past

  1. I’ve heard that’s why at least one finalist withdrew from consideration since he couldn’t get the board to formally curtail Nikias from potential interference.

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  2. The biggest fear I sense for the BOT and/or university officials is ‘rocking the boat’ vies a vie the PROC – mainland Chinese students make up a hefty % of foreign students present at USC. That Tyndall mess has given the PROC even more muscle in terms of ‘control’ they have or plan on due to what that monster engaged in for decades.

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      1. Pudly —Does your computer screen have a big photo of Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies [and an invitation to “take The Beverly Hillbillies Quizz”] right underneath Carol Folt’s name?

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  3. If Carol Folt is to display true leadership skills and become a leader of any substance she would do whatever she has to do to marginalize Max and create her own power base to counteract any interference from Nikias.

    A real leader would know how to do that.



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      1. Keep Max under her thumb (he is still a lifetime trustee after all) and she can control him and minimize his vision for USC. If she becomes the strong leader we all need.


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      2. Along the “nothing personal” lines, she could always treat him to “specially baked cookies” like Connie did to Eli Wallach in Godfather 3.

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  4. Max Nikias is still running the show at USC.

    This Carol Folt is just like Lynn Swann, a figurehead puppet with no power to make any changes, who will take her marching orders from Nikias.

    A legit president would step in and hire a qualified A.D. to clean up the dept. while giving the student/athletes the best opportunity to compete at the highest level by providing coaches with proven track records for winning and that’s not going to happen.


    1. Why so quick….better to hear and see what falls out per the federal arrest proceedings then have Swann and others clam up, as they would, if they were sacked. Let’s hope a search is initiated for a replacement but that the search be prudent rather than reactionary impulsive in nature.

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      1. It’s those that get sacked who end up singing like a canary. None of those clowns at USC will have the balls to “clam up” if the Feds start putting pressure on them if and or when they find evidence they were directly involved.

        Swann and Helton are too stupid to be included in a bribery scheme.


  5. Yeah well it doesn’t work quite that way – yes were they to get sacked, they’ll tell the feds whatever they want to hear but it doesn’t mean USC is privy to such inasmuch as, as an institution, they (USC) are the ‘center’ of the biggest violator of trust in this entire scandal.

    I agree about the two cited (Swann and Helton) still, at a minimum, need to know what, if any, Swann knew or should have known before I toss him out the door.


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