Just Call USC “Quarterback U.”

It’s so hard to track the QB spin when it comes to USC.

JT Daniels was the perfect QB.

Now Kedon Slovis is so good he might start.

And Bryce Young of Mater Dei is the best 5-10 (or so) QB in the nation who might start in two years according to the recruiting experts.

How do other schools compete when they don’t get any of these wunderkinds?

Can you believe Kliff Kingsbury left this quarterback factory?


13 thoughts on “Just Call USC “Quarterback U.”

  1. “It’s so hard to track the QB spin when it comes to USC.”

    Scottie, what team doesn’t hype their top recruits?

    How about Westwood, with Rosen, Wasn’t he called “The Chosen One”. No hype there?

    Slovis could be really interesting. He was a 3 star coming out of HS, but all of his attributes listed by the scouting services (throws well rolling right or left, quick release, good touch, throws well off balance) are a good match for Harrell’s offense.

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  2. SW, would you please quit posting this picture. It makes me sick. USC is losing to their rival ND and he’s smiling and acting like he’s at a fraternity party. Where are the coaches to stop this behavior? USC football and athletics in general are a train wreck. And Swann just keeps playing golf.

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      1. MG, exactly right, but for Scottie, this photo is one of three that are the “gifts that keep on giving” along with the “Clueless Clay” photo (at least once per week) and the “Swann on the tee box, ready to shank it into the trees” photo (at least once per week – and my personal favorite).

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      2. Right On, 67! (For some reason, I have a feeling that from now on I won’t be able to get enough of that phrase—-in fact, I may use it in every reply)….
        Scott’s “USC album” contains some stuff I never tire of seeing —– I like Sark and Tee launching themselves 2 inches into the air, I like Sark and Haden hugging with their eyes closed tight, and, of course, I like the slightly photo shopped Helton just before he starts to cry on the sidelines. But I don’t enjoy the J. T. photo cuz it suggests he doesn’t care about the game or the score —-when just the opposite is true.

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      3. MG, I totally forgot the Sark-Tee photo, and how could I ever forget the Haden- Sark photo, when Sark called Haden to the field.

        And you are absolutely right to call Scottie out on the JT photo.

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      1. Ha! [Awful moment. Much of the criticism you hear about J. T. grows outta the impression he made on fans after he picked the UCLA game to throw the worst, most ill advised pass of his young life time]….
        #…Starting August31st


  3. Ultimately one of them will be declared the starter. If CH is naming the starter we all know it will automatically be JT. If Harrell names the starter it could be anyone of the four. I just want the best game player in the games. I don’t think we had the best game ready guy starting last season.

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