USC Tried To Get Jamie Dixon Too

UCLA and Jamie Dixon are reportedly finalizing a deal for him to become the next basketball coach.

USC contacted Dixon twice, most recently in 2013 when he was their No. 1 choice to replace Kevin O’Neill. Dixon opted to stay at Pitt before eventually going to TCU. The funny part is I heard Pat Haden‘s concern with Dixon was that his teams did not score enough points.

He couldn’t be worse than Steve Alford so in that sense he is a good hire. But will he rescue UCLA basketball? That’s a different matter. UCLA has a lot in common with USC in that it is run in a sideways manner despite its tradition.

And frankly, UCLA fans should probably be standing outside the Morgan Center with torches and pitch forks when you consider the Bruins last won the Rose Bowl in 1986. That’s a full generation ago. What percent of the U.S. population was even alive back then?


29 thoughts on “USC Tried To Get Jamie Dixon Too

    1. well 1986 is only a few decades ago…ucla is happy with a win now and the vs SC Cal, Stanford…they will get with it again one day. They have had some great coaches and the teams in the early-mid 50’s were top 5 teams,just could not beat Mich St and Duffy Daugherty. Back then PCC and Big 10 had a no repeat rule or ucla might have gone 3 yrs in a row…and don’t tell me how Red Sanders died,I can read now and could read then,I watched his teams play SC every year, and in the 50’s ucla dominated most of that decade.

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      1. McKay and Prothro created the best in conference rivalry in college football in the 60s. The entire city came to a halt on that weekend every year.

        Now, the ucla students barely even know their university has a football team. ucla made a big mistake to move to the Rose Bowl. Student attendance is very low, and that is a death knell for a university football team.

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    2. Ha! [btw –What percentage of my buddies on this blog were alive in 1986? I’d guess somewhere between 90 & 99%]……..

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      1. I was in the 8th grade, mon frere. SunValley Jr. High- a proud member of the Knights and Squires Honor Homeroom. Good times.

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      2. Arturo —What a GREAT time and place to grow up. I raised both my kids (both of whom were born at Panorama Kaiser Hospital) in the same neighborhood as SunValley Jr. High.

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      3. This is why I NEVER antagonize El Presidenté Mr Wolf. It’s been a few years since the Bears have visited Pasadena in January.


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      4. How cool is that, Michael. I had my Achilles tendon surgically repaired at the Panorama Kaiser in ’06 after rupturing it while playing basketball. I live in Granada Hills now. Unfortunately, Sun Valley is not what it used to be. Did you know that Marlon Briscoe, the first black QB to play in a Super Bowl, taught at Sun Valley? Mr. Briscoe. A little before my time, two of my brothers and my sister had him for something.

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      5. Arturo — Small world. Hope Kaiser did a good job on that Achilles tendon! My daughter lives in Granada Hills [such a cool place]—& teaches at Cal State Northridge. [You know all I can remember of the Panorama/Van Nuys area now is taking my son to Toys R’ Us every week for video games —I was a total pushover as a parent]……

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      6. I graduated from Cal State Northridge in 2000 and got my initial teaching credential there. They’ve really beautified the campus since I left. I enrolled a couple of years after the Northridge Earthquake in ’94. I live up the street from the school. So cool. USC football rocks.

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      7. Arturo —True story: I used to take my son for night walks at Cal State Northridge. One moonless night, with almost zero visibility, he asked me if I could throw a rock over the top of the the roof of the multi story [mainly glass] campus library. I told him, “here’s how this is gonna work —-I’ll throw the rock —-and if you don’t hear anything, it means I cleared the roof. If you hear glass shattering —we run like hell.”


  1. I’m still semi-young and I’m convinced UCLA will win a real NCAA FB NC before Clown U.

    After Dixon smartly declined bozo BB employment, St. Pat was forced to place all the SUCCX marbles on the Pass Line. St. Pat blew hard on the dice and crapped out with Andyain’twinning.

    Can you image St. Pat, the bozo BB expert, whining that Dixon’s teams “…did not score enough points.”

    Just for the record Wolfster, this year, a ranked TCU assaulted Clown U BB, 96 – 61 at Staples Ctr. in front of 261 bozo fans. It’s a fact, Andyain’twinning never does well (2 – 20) against ranked teams.

    Chances are good UCLA will lose just one team member from the 2018 – 19 squad. So, Dixon will have a well-stocked, experienced BB team to coach.

    Andyain’twinning, on the other hand, is stuck with a highly ranked incoming Freshman class with zero Pac-12 experience. The O/U # of Cupcake opponents Enfield will schedule – 9.5.

    SUCCX FB, BB and Basabol – all losers in the same year for the first time in 112 years.

    #ClownUtheChico Escuelaofpac-12athleticprograms


    1. Are you on crack?

      You know UCLA f*cked up royaly!!!!!!!


      They were used by John Calipari. No surprise there. But they didn’t even come close to signing Chris Beard.
      The Bruins are gonna be crying tears for that fumble.
      All’s well and ends well in the end though right?

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      1. Gosh, Sammy if you say so.

        I doubt Dixon is an alky or that his contract negotiation will be completed in a local LA dive bar over dbl. Fireballs.

        Just a reminder Sammy, Little Petey Pom-Pom was a plan Z hire.

        *****Dixon/TCU 96 – Andyain’twinning/clown u 61


  2. Wolf I’m sorry but you seem to want to find the most irrelevant points in these topics. I mean i know you well enough where It was always out in the open how you hate USC but you want to go lower and lower with it for reasons only you and Randy Johnson know.
    But anyways is this news supposed to scare us??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    Still waiting……..

    Because Jamie Dixon was once regarded as a very good coach but you haven’t watched enough college basketball to know he’s struggled in the tournament the last few years. His last 4-5 seasons at Pitt were early exits. First weekend round losses. But i guess you already knew that though;)😂😂😂😂

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  3. “Sorry Coach but you have to empty the locker room for the teams who are playing in the Rose Bowl game”
    Says the janitor to every Bruins Coach.

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    1. Sam — I guess you know there is an ACTUAL video making the rounds of 2 eighty-something Rose Bowl Special Event Staff members saying pretty much those exact words to Chip Kelly after the Stanford game [“Coach —sorry to bring this up now, but it would sure be good —–seeing how you won’t be back here until 2019 —-if you could ask the boys to kind of clean up for the teams that will be playing on New Years — we kinda got used to not having to explain this due to Coach Mora being here for so long —-but being how you’re new, we just wanted to make sure you understood that other teams will be needing the locker room each year after your last regular season game so that they can represent their schools in your stadium on January First…..nothing to be embarrassed about coach —-you’ll get used to it —-just like Rick and Karl did…].

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      1. MG, the mealy mouth Ambulance Chaser.

        Correct me if I’m wrong Ham. Burger but –

        Didn’t 2018 bozo u FB go ooooooooooooooooo for California?

        UCLA (2 – 8) 34 – Clown U 27……..Ding goes the victory bell.

        Just another sad tale of bozo u choka, choka, choka, choka.


      2. LOL!
        That’s funny because it has to be in the ball park of the actual situation where there’s a clean up crew helping the Bruins Staff clean out the locker room every season like it’s some awkward end of the year tradition.
        All they can say is “Next year coach……Next year.”


  4. In 1986 I was married I took the guy who did the ceremony to the Ucla game. That was a mistake I had to curb my tongue for most of the game. But if that was a generation I’m 3 two generations old.

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  5. btw…I still do not know why SC fired KO…all I recall reading was some asshole Arizona fan insulted him and his wife at dinner,he did what any real man would do…stopped him. Then there is H.Bibby,why him? too good or why Tim Floyd ? never accused or punished for anything I have seen

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  6. sight recommendation…we need a ‘who gives a rats ass’ button along with the ‘like’ button…other wise the best thing is just ignore and do not acknowledge …

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  7. I am LMAO off about the last rose bowl win for Thug U aka ruinville. That was two years before the bums (dodgers) won their last world series. Ugly won’t win this year either so make that 34 years in a row. LMAO….

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