USC Night Notes

Today I mentioned how USC coaches wanted to spotlight Amon-Ra St. Brown because the scrimmage was on the Pac-12 Network.

Conversely, I heard sophomore wide receiver Devon Williams was in the doghouse for whatever reason and got less opportunities even though he did manage a touchdown.

Just remember this when you hear coaches say, “we don’t care who catches the ball” during the season.

  • Women’s basketball guard, Minyon Moore, who averaged 14.8 points per game this past season, announced she is transferring to another school for her senior year.
  • Who do you like in the NCAA title game? Texas Tech or Virginia?

7 thoughts on “USC Night Notes

    1. Guess what? Members of the national press are beginning to wonder on air why Swann, among others, isn’t being called to testify in front of Congress as to how so little oversight could have occurred in the admission of so-called walk on athletes.

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      1. Swann is a dead man walking – maybe not today or tomorrow but he is finished problem is for all of us not fast enough but he is ‘because’ perception is reality and Swann is a disaster by any measurement known.

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  1. So Herrell isnt getting the ball to Amon – Ra for team chemistry? He isnt getting St, Brown the ball to show that he is a premium talent in his own right and without JT? He isnt getting ARST the ball because he is a team leader who goes all out on every play, and stays after practice to catch the 200 extra balls from the football passing machine? (Whatever it is called) What a joke of an angle ypu are taking, SW.


  2. spring fling thing=zero
    what a waste of talent, again…

    but the BB Final? both teams fought hard to get there
    I wanted Va to win , but if I was a betting man, not, I would pick TTech
    they seemed to be red hot…they were not ,glad I was wrong, glad I don’t bet.

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  3. SCooter, as usual, you were not there. you probably watched it from your mom’s basement. Oh I forgot, you don’t get Pac 12 network. So my question then is, how do you know that Devon Williams is in the doghouse? he was out there catching the ball because I saw it with my two eyes.


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