USC Will Let Quarterbacks Know Where They Stand After Spring

USC offensive coordinator Graham Harrell said today a starting quarterback will probably not be named after spring practice.

But he did say the quarterbacks would be told where they would fit on a depth chart if the Trojans played a game. This sounds interesting.

JT Daniels and Jack Sears each threw interceptions during Tuesday’s no-pads practice.

Harrell on Daniels: “JT has done a good job and been consistent throughout the spring. He anticipates well, throws the ball and is very smart. They key for him is to not overthink.”

Harrell on Sears: “Jack is probably the most athletic and when he gets outside the pocket is probably the best with the ball in his hands.”

Harrell on Matt Fink: “Fink is really good when he’s on, and struggles when he’s off.”


8 thoughts on “USC Will Let Quarterbacks Know Where They Stand After Spring

  1. Oh man. Flow, I don’t even wanna know what you do with or why you have that still of Graham at the ready. Delete! Delete!


  2. It means they have to head into the fall with someone who will work predominately with the 1st team to start off fall camp so the offense is ready to start winning against tough, well coached Fresno State. It seems like with this offense anyone can step in when needed.


  3. I don’t even care who starts! I’m betting if Harrell acquiesced and put Daniels in for the first game, he will be ready to pull him out before things get bad. In the real world a team pulls the starter when he gets in trouble. If the Trojans are real world then Harrell needs to be ready for that eventuality.

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  4. If it is a true assessment then Helton needs to shut the heck up and let Harrell do his job. If Helton is involved, then Daniels starts. Let the best start and no politics in the decision.


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