Oluwole Betiku To Illinois

Former USC defensive lineman Oluwole Betiku has decided to transfer to Illinois, where he visited last weekend. Illinois defensive line coach Austin Clark was at USC for the 2016-17 seasons.

Former USC wide receiver Trevon Sidney also visited Illinois last weekend but has not made a decision yet.



3 thoughts on “Oluwole Betiku To Illinois

  1. SUCCX flips Oluwole Betiku from UCLA, and he does nothing for the bozos except eat, eat, eat! – worse than a Clydesdale horse. Because Clown U has cut back on the FB cuisine to just hot dogs and frozen bean burritos, Betiku has taken his feed bag to the Illini.

    SUCCX, the wannabe eagle that hunts flies.



  2. Just Rent, SC did plenty. It kept him from only getting a pizza delivery diploma. Besides, Illinois is a better school than Thug U aka ruinville


  3. I only wonder if OB had an open mind about changing positions. He seemed to be a bit of a tweener: too stubborn to play DL, too set on playing LB. Connor Murphy seems to be trying everything and, despite being less physically talented although not by much, anything to get on the field and might have earned some PT in the process. Betiku reminds me of Malik Jackson. Hope he finds a home and makes the league ala Jackson after he- Jackson- transferred to Tennessee.


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