Clay Helton Will Release A Depth Chart Internally

USC coach Clay Helton said the players would see an internal depth chart sometime next week.

Why doesn’t he want the public to know? Who knows.

The only position the fans really care about the depth chart is quarterback. This seems like another way Helton is trying to become more secretive. He is considering making access tougher next season, the sure sign of a beleaguered coach.

A secret depth chart is one more way to avoid accountability. Pete Carroll released one at the end of the spring. Remember when he famously had Matt Leinart No. 1 at QB, which surprised a lot of people?

Helton doesn’t want you to see one until late August. It’s the mark of not trusting your choices.


9 thoughts on “Clay Helton Will Release A Depth Chart Internally

  1. I’ve ripped Helton in the past (deservedly so, I might add), but to quote the Senators opposed to Joaquin Phoenix in the movie Gladiator, “He’s more clever than I thought.” Coach is learning how to handle the media which will serve him well in the future whether he is at SC or not.

    Let the games begin.

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  2. To be honest Helton has to control more than one situation at the end of spring. Players who are valuable to the team could bolt if they feel they are disrespected on the chart of meaningless information.
    The end of spring is meaningless, as we haven’t seen the incoming freshmen or the injured. The only thing we’ve seen is an attempt to set a new tone.
    You can magnetize a needle by rubbing it against a fixed magnet. It temporarily acts as a magnet because the molecules realign with the magnet. However it soon forgets being a magnet and goes back to being a needle.
    The same could happen to the converts of the new H&H coach club. So to make this permanent the coaches need to display consistency and fairness.
    The path is narrow…

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  3. Helton’s holding back. I have to agree with Wolf. He’s certainly trying to save his own neck with move. Helton has to be second guessing his judgment, his staffs coaching and judgment, or where his players are at this point. Either way he’s at fault because he’s in charge. It almost seems as if Helton is becoming an unlikable person now days. I don’t dislike but it feels like he’s not the personality he used to be when he was a Rose Bowl winning coach.
    Wow. That day is long gone I guess.

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  4. It really matters little.
    Fall practice, if like last yr or even this spring, means a losing season.
    heltonball is all he cares about…not football.
    SC recruits prime rib ,charges prime rib prices,and serves up a hamburger


  5. Helton and the coaches will have time to scrutinize every spring ball detail by reviewing tape. They then can bring it to fall camp showing the players what they need to improve on


    1. They took 15,000 SC fans away from the coliseum shrinking it to 77,000 with a rebuilt stadium to be presented to a Head Coach who could lose in the home opener to Jeff Tedford. I have to believe Helton is getting more grey hairs by the day.


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