If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Is USC capable of surprising anyone anymore?

There’s no such thing as a quiet week anymore. Something is always happening.

College admissions scandal? New president? What else?

This looked like a quiet week and then Matt Fink transferred. Even what looked like a harmless day at the beach for the offensive linemen and JT Daniels turned into an issue when an insider revealed on twitter that Daniels’ father put the event together and the other quarterbacks and some linemen passed on the event.

It’s safe to say Daniels’ father is a more polarizing figure at USC than his son.

  • Whoever starts at QB, USC better develop its offensive line and cornerbacks if it wants to win next season.
  • Was Lynn Swann at the USC basketball banquet Wednesday night? If you saw him there, let me know.
  • Swann probably thinks he did USC a favor by skipping the Masters last weekend.
  • I have to admit Clay Helton limiting his media appearances during spring practices made it more tolerable since he usually talks rubbish.
  • A memorial celebration for All-American offensive lineman Pete Adams will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Encinitas Elks Lodge (1393 Windsor Rd., Cardiff, Calif. 92007).
  • USC pitcher Connor Lunn pitched a four-hit complete-game shutout against Washington State on Thursday night as the Trojans defeated the Cougars, 4-0. Lunn has beaten UCLA, Arizona State, Utah and Washington State the past four weeks in the opening game of each three-game series. Lunn is 6-1 overall with a 2.30 ERA and allowed only 33 hits in 54.2 innings.
  • Former USC offensive lineman Tyron Smith will hold his Youth Football Camp at Rancho Verde High School on May 4 from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Register online at
  • I’ve never been to OB’s Pub and Grill in Manhattan Beach but it does have the “Julie’s Sandwich” on the menu, a “grilled roast beef and cheese on sour dough sandwich with Au Jus. A tradition for over 50 years.” This is the same sandwich that featured at Julie’s restaurant at USC for many years. OB’s used to be owned by Steve and Jim Obradovich, who also ran Julie’s. Julie Kohl opened her restaurant in 1941 and sold it in 1975 but it remained unchanged until it closed in 1997.

21 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. so now that twitter comment by some random dude is gospel from an insider? Yes!
    Scott revealed one of his “sources”.

    Upon further review it turns out that the same guy is also a NFL scout, former NFL coach, current NFL coach, current USC player, former USC player, former USC coach, and rival PAC 12 head coach.

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    1. According to sources, Andy Enfield is desperate to become the next Vanderbilt University Head Basketball coach. He was on the phone on his knees saying “please get me out of this hell hole!”

      The rats are abandoning ship! Meanwhile Swann is looking to increase the salary of Clay Helton saying “those bastards at Purdue is not out stupid me!!”


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      1. Yes. That’s right, Ted. Enfield wants out now that he’s got a great incoming class…
        btw —The reason Purdue’s coach SEEMS to be making bigger bucks than Helton is that Swann is laundering money through his account…..

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      2. Nice try Bucket. ucla went about one for five in hiring a BB coach and ended up with a no name. ucla basketball in the shitter.

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    1. Money from the bigs is a lot better now and the competition from the DR has been a major factor as well. Mark Prior was over at the Ravine Wednesday as a guest of PMS. Shame how fast his career went south then again Epstein may be a whiz at resurrecting franchises but, save for Madden, I don’t know of any Cub mgr. historically worth a darn.

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  2. Scott Wolf, diplomat. Wants to know if Lynn Swann was at the basketball banquet, and phrases it in such a way as to say “Was Scott Wolf at the basketball banquet?” because if he was there he would have known the answer to his question. But by asking the question he is insinuating that Lynn Swann wasn’t there. Instead of investigating why he wasn’t there, he makes it seem like there is maleficence brewing.
    He complains that the coach is limiting access to the media and then proclaims this as a blessing because what Helton says is rubbish. So why go to the events Helton does hold?
    Most of the stuff is made up in this blog and attributed to anonymous sources. I think I’m going to follow Steve Weller and stop reading this blog because this blog is just rubbish.

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  3. Flow, you are complete hack and douche. 2 things: “Insider?” Some random dude’s comments on Twitter are your sources? Get the fuck outa here. Second, Fink hasn’t “transferred” anywhere yet. He’s entered the transfer portal and has even stated he’s not 100% committed to leaving just yet. Get the fuck outa here. But thanks for the consistent humorous content. THAT is why I continually come back, to those worried about it.

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  4. Picking on JT’s dad. Pretty low Scotty. Met the man and he is good dad and nice guy. There is QB competition going on and there seemed to be a lot big lineman attending who wanted some free pizza.

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  5. poor Wolf. Still talking about the Masters. Can’t let it go. Now he is crapping on Daniels Dad. Get a job Wolf. You know, one that requires a little work and intelligence. Gotta be tough after getting canned from the Daily News.

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