Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Says USC Has Chip On Shoulders

JuJu Smith-Schuster held a dinner last night for his “JuJu Foundation” at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.

And one of the special guests was USC coach Clay Helton.

“I wish we could play this week to get this bad taste out of my mouth,” Helton said. “We’re pissed. We have a chip on our shoulders.”

Do these comments actually work on anyone anymore?

They always sound more like what Helton thinks you want to hear. I mean someone who really cared last season would have changed quarterbacks or centers or done something. Instead, Helton stubbornly rode out the season to the bitter end. And now he is “pissed.”



46 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Says USC Has Chip On Shoulders

  1. Clay’s comment makes no sense. What is he pissed about? We the fans are pissed and should be pissed at the poor performance of the team and the mess that the athletic department is in due to bad leadership. Add that to the mess the entire school is in due to poor leadership by Max nikias and we should be really really pissed!

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  2. I happened to drive by campus yesterday afternoon, Friday. While stopped at the signal, McClintock-Jefferson, I looked over, and, in among the students crossing the street, I thought I recognized Brett Neilon, the center I’ve been writing here to start since last September lol…..I rolled down my window and yelled, “Hey, Brett Neilon”, from about 25 yards away. He immediately turned and yelled, “Fight On!”, back…He was with a teammate, I believe. Couldn’t tell for sure, but he looked like Erik Krommenhoek, I think? Anyway, they’re good Trojans to recognize, and, for Neilon to respond to a complete stranger yelling “hey” at him from a car, well,.I’m a big fan!

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    1. I’d sure like to see a new USC baseball stadium on that corner…..where Cardinal Gardens is now….It’d be interesting to know if a baseball field could even fit there….


      1. PS…..the Toyota Soccer ⚽️ Stadium by the Coliseum looks like a 10! And, for that matter, the entire USC campus area! Thank you to all who help make all this possible!


  3. What is surprising is that Clay wasn’t at all pissed last year. Never once did Clay appear at a post game presser and announce any degree of pissedness. He talked about being “in love” with players who repeatedly fouled up. He talked about “lots of neck hugs”. He actually said he “couldn’t be prouder” after USC LOST to Notre Dame (making him the FIRST USC coach to say something that dim in those circumstances). So Scott hits the target on this one: Clay is only mouthing words….

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      1. Cal75,

        My thought for next year regarding football:

        Get Cal into the Rosebowl since they have not been there since 1959. Go with a 11-2 record, both losses to USC, one regular and one Pac 12 championship game. Have SC go to the national championship game beating LSU and being undefeated.

        May Thug U aka ruinville have a perfect 0-12 record and for Chocalate Chip Kelly, wasiting $23 million.

        I like that idea

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      2. PT,

        I pray that Fucla does not ring the vic bell on you guys 2 years in a row. Nobody deserves to see the MULE become unleashed.


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      3. Cal75 –If past is prelude, we won’t hear from Owns directly after the game [in the unlikely event of a UCLA victory]. Maybe 72 hours later, but never right after a bruin victory. My theory: He gets so worked up typing that he begins choking on his own saliva, then the palpitations start and he passes out before he can hit ‘send.’ Maybe a day or so later he comes to and posts his “work product”—- but, by then, everyone else has moved on….


    1. Oh, Noooo, mikey boy, the fb chumps @ Felony U have a chip their shoulders? LFOL

      Actually, mikey boy, it’s an ugly monkey on the FU’s fb shoulders!

      UCLA (2 – 8) 34 – Felony U 27

      Gong x 2 goes the Vic Bell!




    Here is another one for you Owns. Also, a little quiz: the answer is either USC or ucla.
    See if you can get any right…

    1. Who has the most NFL first round drafts?
    2. Who has most players in NFL Hall of Fame?
    3. Who has the most players to play in the NFL?
    4. Whose head coach died in the arms of a hooker while performing fellatio?

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    1. So the hooker was hugging him while he performed fellatio? Hmm….

      Anyway they’ve ID’d one of the mega “donors” from the admissions scandal and said the other big money donor was an asian. Funny how when I mentioned asian corruption in this mess, I was admonished for racism. Between these two and the ruin news yesterday, seems I might have been closer to the truth than not.

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      1. People were right to brand you as a racist, Pudly. Asians don’t commit crime. Only we Italians commit crime.

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      2. Exactly. Who’s to say Westwood’s academically challenged youngsters (who are nevertheless 4.0 GPA bruin students) haven’t come up with a higher code than all those so called ‘great religions’?


      3. Do you have another email address? If you do you can email it to the other one and it’ll open like a new account.


    2. Ladies first missing link:

      UCLA holds the most consecutive rivalry FB wins at eight (8) – T or F

      Last year UCLA trampled the Clown U defense in 34 -27 victory – T or F

      Gong x 2 goes the Vic Bell – T or F

      I don’t think Red Sanders was complaining B4 he checked out. – T – F


      1. He might be complaining now since it might be warm where he is. I’m not saying he is there just throwing a thought out there

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  5. The USC fans are pissed because they have a on-the-job-training head coach making $3.5 million guaranteed over the next 5 years that was really convinced that that crap offensive “scheme” for the past three years was going to work if it was just executed properly (like players making super-human plays every down). Now SC is pinning its hopes on another offense that never won any program a championship and one that is so far from the “smashmouth” style of play that Helton claimed they’d have in order to land the head coaching job.

    USC is a team that will get steamrolled next year. It may even happen in the very first game. In fact, I really really really hope it does.

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  6. by the time I scroll through all these comments,I can’t remember what the topic is or what I was about to unleash …wait is it the draft?? I thought they did away with the draft,naturally after I served in early 60’s…so why are still talking about the draft??? no wait it is chips…never mind.

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  7. Was on campus today. There were a great number of female students all attired in white sleeveless dresses – each with a 4+ foot red ‘ribbon’ about 4 in wide draped around the neck getting photographed ‘officially’ at Mudd and then individually on the ‘Trojan Steps’ – parents friends. I asked who or what was the event as they had a great number of white chairs arrayed in front of Doheny. Was told they were architecture graduates.

    A great number of parents and, told, incoming offspring being escorted with tours of the campus. Last of the new builds nearing completion at Watt and Expo. A number grade school kids accompanied by chaperones touring the campus.

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  8. So many people have tried to coach Coach H to quit saying one thing and doing another and allow the team to prove things in games. But he still doesn’t get it. He is still out there saying his team wants revenge, but against who? Against Helton, for hiring incompetent coaches, for running a good old boy nepotism network, for running soft practices, for putting social work projects ahead of football, for putting faith before football recruiting, for being unable to make good decisions on time outs? Did he chew out his pet QB in the ND game when he slid on a run play but came up short of the first down marker and killing a drive and a TD when they lost the game by 7? Nope. Then it took one of SC’s defensive backs to tell the kid QB off. Who’s the coach? His job this year is not to coach the players but to coach the coaches. Will he hold them accountable? Will he hold himself accountable?

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    1. Well said – I especially liked:

      “Did he chew out his pet QB in the ND game when he slid on a run play but came up short of the first down marker and killing a drive and a TD when they lost the game by 7? Nope. Then it took one of SC’s defensive backs to tell the kid QB off. Who’s the coach?”

      Helton is a fool but the bigger one is Swann – Swann’s a lazy POF (piece of filth) Helton is ‘fill in the blank’

      Until both are gone we have nothing but a stench filled crater……

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