Which QB Do You Prefer?

It is definitely true you can play quarterback without being 6-4 these days.

But if you are going to take either a 6-4 quarterback or 5-9 quarterback, I would go with the taller guy.

USC decided it wanted the shorter one (Bryce Young) over the taller one (DJ Uiagalelei). But I never got the sense there was any strategy behind USC’s evaluations of the two quarterbacks.

I always got the sense USC had to work harder for Uiagalelei and it was easier to take Young, who really wanted to go to USC.

Maybe Clay Helton and Co. were right. Here’s another reason to doubt them though: Dabo Swinney wanted the taller one. He seems to know a lot more than Helton.

11 thoughts on “Which QB Do You Prefer?

    1. Very lucky to have recruited Young, as 29 year old former quality control assistant Bryan Ellis was the QB coach at the time Young committed. No way that could have been a big draw for a top QB.

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  1. Clay Helton was a clipboard holder for Lane Kiffin, and Steve Sarkisian, he had no specific duties other than wear a headset, and relay messages to the quarterback.


  2. Clay Helton was a clipboard holder for Lane Kiffin, and Steve Sarkisian, he had no specific duties other than wear a headset, and relay messages to the quarterback. So why would anybody think he would be a championship type of football 🏈 coach , was Pat Haden that much of a dumb ass ? Is Lynn Swann drinking the same idiot tonic that Haden was drinking?

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    1. Haden chose someone he (Haden) knew would be even worse than he was = Swann. Lynn Swann is the worst athletic director any of us shall ever be witness to. He is: corrupt, venal, lazy, greedy, cowardly and totally incompetent.

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      1. Alv —If that’s what Haden was looking for (i. e., someone even worse than him —-and such a person couldn’t have been easy to find)), it seems like he picked the right guy….
        (On the other hand, Helton is not stupid or venal or lazy —– he’s just not a first magnitude coach)….


  3. The bozos will have to fit Young with high lift Orthopedic FB shoes so he can see over the O/L when under the center.

    #one bozo midget QB + small hands = Tom Thumb goes to Felony U


    1. One day —not in the distant future, but soon —- Bryce Young will clean UCLA’s clock. And Own will cry big, round tears…….

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  4. I’ll go ahead and say it, Bryce Young will not play quarterback for the USC Trojans. He might come in listed as a QB, but that’s about it. He will never be given a legitimate shot at being the starter.

    USC will try and convert Young to a WR or DB, only he doesn’t know it yet. Young doesn’t fit USC’s idea of their proto-typical golden hair Trojan QB.

    The only way Young might get a legit shot to play QB for the Trojans is if USC hires a real head football coach that actually knows what he’s doing, wants to win and exerts total control over the football program with no intervention by any incompetent A.D.

    Young is a good kid, an exceptional talent, heck of a QB and it’s too bad he’s going to waste a year of eligibility before realizing he should have committed elsewhere if he wanted to play QB.


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