Game Of Thrones Talk

Without any spoilers, the last 10 minutes were gut-wrenching. Only two episodes left.


5 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Talk

  1. SCooter, then I will,

    One of the two remaining dragons got knocked out of the sky with humungous arrows. This is a threat to the remaining dragon. The dwarf goes and asks his evil sister to step down. She says no, she has a hostage and the hostage says slice my head off instead of being a prisioner. That set up the battle scene which will be next weeks episode. A plastic coffee cup was in the episode during the party after the funeral of so many people who died fighting the winter people. The tall blonde hair women knight lost her virginity to the dwarfs brother who had a incestial relationship with the evil queen or his sister. That about does it.

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    1. As someone who loves employing the words and acts of every USC coach, player and recruit as agents for his thesis (i. e., The Good Ship USC is sinking fast), you’d think Scott would appreciate the set up here — Cersei is sufficiently evil to deserve whatever shitty death the writers can dream up —- which should, based on the evidence, be pretty shitty.


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