DJ Uiagalelei To Clemson

As expected, St. John Bosco quarterback DJ Uiagalelei committed to Clemson today.

It says something about the current recruiting environment that the No. 1-ranked QB in the nation, who is from Southern California, chose Clemson.

USC also seemed last year to take Mater Dei QB Bryce Young over Uiagalelei. Time will tell if that was the right decision.

32 thoughts on “DJ Uiagalelei To Clemson

  1. Sorry. This says nothing about our recruiting situation as we chose Young over DJ. But I’m wondering why he didn’t choose the ruins and their great head coach chocolate chip. They had plenty of room since they had over 30 players leave the program between graduates and walkoffs….

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  2. USC under Coach Helton has a proven record in recruiting. We Trojans are confident that stupid Clemson’s move will make them the laughing stock of college football.

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  3. P.S.
    Horse racing just went up a couple of entertainment notches in my book…..

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    1. It was weird how the jockey let that horse get away from him and run off the rail the way he did.. when I first saw it thought he interfered with the inside horse. But replay didn’t show anything there. Oh well, 67-1 .

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    1. I’m trying to figure out if you’re just too stupid to respond within the thread or you don’t do it because of your cowardly nature? Probably both!


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  4. Lynn Swann said recruiting is in great shape at USC, which pretty much tells you what a Dumb Ass, Moron he is . He thinks loading up on 3 star athletes will build a championship team, while Clemson, Alabama, and Ohio State are doing it with 5 stars.

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    1. Is stupid something you do as a pastime or do you do it professionally??? We have a 5* qb for this class, it was the QB we wanted. Many have Bryce higher rated than DJ. But neither here nor there, we should’ve probably taken them both just to make you happy.
      Aren’t you the one ALWAYS complaining that we take too many skill guys?

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  5. For as big as DJUiagalelei is, when you watch him play he plays timid. The guy is worried about taking hits in the pocket by kids half his size. He should be running over and through players and he doesn’t.

    He’s not all that.

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  6. Yo mikey boy cranks a DOA ha ha

    gt —- E = Wooden x Victory Bell to the second power…….

    #Hang around folks and mikeyboy’splainit


    mb — clown u VB bimbos + Choka, choka, choka, Choke + 0 – 3 = UCLA NC #117

    #can “O” corn

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