If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

USC band director Art Bartner had an interesting comment Thursday at the athletic graduation ceremony.

“I had to fight with (senior associate athletic director)  Steve Lopes to get the band to the (women’s water polo national championship),” Bartner said.

Kind of weak that USC still resists sending the band all the way to Stanford for an NCAA championship event. Bartner said Lopes and Lynn Swann eventually came through and the band will be at the tour.

What happens next year with a new band director? Will they have the pull like Bartner to get the band somewhere?

  • Former USC quarteback Matt Fink participated in Thursday’s graduation ceremony, as expected. But I didn’t expect to see quarterback Jack Sears also up on the stage. Is he getting his degree too and free to pursue a graduate transfer?
  • One of the crazy things for some USC athletes is they graduate Friday morning and then rush off to compete in their sports. Besides women’s water polo at Stanford, the track and field teams are competing in the Pac-12 championships this weekend in Tucson. The baseball team is also competing in Tucson against Arizona tonight in a three-game series.
  • Who controls USC’s twitter account? I’m still appalled they thought it was necessary to find a 10-month-old tweet from quarterback Bryce Young committing to USC to retweet last Sunday, when quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei committed to Clemson.
  • USC, a huge university and gigantic football program full of adults, decides to attack a 17/18-year-old’s commitment to Clemson on his mother’s birthday? It’s classless and pathetic. Only the homers could like it. I’m sure the people behind the tweet will have a, “What’s the big deal?” reaction. I don’t follow Alabama but do they bottom-feed by trolling prep recruits?
  • How many USC fans that criticized cornerback Chris Steele when he decommited and subsequently signed with Florida are now cheering for him to transfer to USC?
  • USC assistant coaches Graham Harrell, Mike Jinks and Joe DeForest were in Texas this week visiting high schools.
  • In the 1950’s, it was common for college football players to get “jobs” in the summer to make money. One summer, USC’s famous McKeever twins got a job at an agricultural farm in Bakersfield.

A close friend of the duo said the job didn’t actually involve much work.

“They may have thrown a crate or two,” he said. “That was about it.”

  • I’ve previously written about John F. Kennedy speaking at USC on Nov. 1, 1960, exactly one week before he was elected President.

But I recently found out then-Senator Kennedy also visited USC on Nov. 2, 1959, before he officially ran for President. Kennedy spoke to a capacity crowd in Bovard Auditorium.

“The duty of scholars — educated men and women — is to submit themselves to the self-discipline of self-government and to give the world the benefits of their education,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy was considering a run for the White House. And look at the Daily Trojan headline the day after his speech.

Below is a picture of Kennedy speaking during his USC visit in 1959. This may be at the USC Law School, where he met with students that day. On the left is political consultant Joe Cerrell, who graduated from USC in 1957, became friends with Kennedy and invited him to campus. Cerrell also taught at USC for 15 years.


35 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

      1. Helen? Really? Is that the best you can do? Question, are you a Democrat? Interesting that a blog called “Inside USC” is filled with USC haters.


  1. In today’s paper there is an article about the over inflation of the PAC 12s worth. This is conjunction with the PAC 12 asking 750 million for ten percent control of the PAC 12 channel. Wait for it Scott will explain it later.

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  2. Scott is appalled that recruits are being trolled? He does this to every single recruit that comes to USC. How many posts or tweets did we read about “another three star”, or also recruited by fill in the blank small school?

    Scott, stop with the fake outrage we already know you are a clown.

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      1. And I’m just pointing out what a troll you are. Never have said a good word about the school or it’s teams.



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      2. Pudly —I must disagree. karma isn’t just hard on USC. He has high standards &, as a result, he’s hard on lots of schools —-for instance, um, uh, …….yeah, I guess it’s only USC…..

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      1. Ah gee. My little troll is getting insulted? Poor little fella, at least owns and Kal wear their colors.




      1. Pudly —How can you say that when Owns claims to have read Dumas? And Capote…..?


  3. Sadly, no one doubts the ineptitude of the university and the football program these days. However, this faux twitter controversy that you’re trying to generate is a reach, even for you Wolfman. Literally, no one cares.


    1. Cal75—I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the 2 or 3 push ups Steve Sarkisian was ‘forced’ to do by Cody Kessler as punishment for drunkenly throwing up on donors or whatever he did wrong at Salute to Troy—but if you haven’t it’s really a treat — he’s wobbling badly on push up #1, and it’s downhill from there….


      1. Pudly — I’ve heard of this hidden camera view of Sark’s interview with Haden, but I never thought I’d be lucky enough to actually see it…

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      2. It’s the “fly on the wall” video. The one we wish we had of the discussion scottie had when he was banned from campus.

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      3. Pudly— While on my walk on the beach this morning, I came up with an idea—from now on we have to pretend for a day that we are someone else on this site —write like them, think like them. Today I am Owns:
        I am filled with joy —my colossal piece of shit football team barely beat the worst USC team of the last quarter century. Crack goes the Victory Bell!

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      4. IIRC, mr. Sarkisian while at UW made a comment re CAL…’how do they get these people?’
        Referring to some standout student/athletes.



      5. MG,
        A Day that will live in infamy.



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