USC Quote Of The Night

“I’m sort of proud that we haven’t scheduled an FCS. But you never say ‘never.’

— Steve Lopes, USC senior associate athletic director, in 2011 to the Oregonian

11 thoughts on “USC Quote Of The Night

    1. “It is almost statistically impossible that USC will go winless in the upcoming football and basketball seasons —but never say ‘never'”
      —Steve Lopes

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  1. I love the fact that USC has never played an FCS team- props to South Bend and Westwood for doing the same. However, it isn’t like you get penalized for playing an FCS team, your team gets a break, and you get to play and develop your backups. It never seems to hurt Bama, Clemson, or any other school that does it not to mention that there is less wear and tear on the players. These reasons could be potential selling points (along with alternate uniforms) for recruiting. I don’t know, just a thought.

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    1. Bama, Clemson, Ohio St., etc—–their fans would go and see anybody—hats off to the local schools for not doing the same, cause we know that if they did, attendance would really go down! That’s LA!


  2. Trevor Noah quipped:

    “The whole country has been rocked by the news that hundreds of parents have been accused of bribing their kids’ way into elite colleges — and also U.S.C.”


  3. And Helton had put Lopes son in some games a few years ago when that kid had no business being a water boy for the Trojans.


  4. There’s not an FCS football program in the country that would be so stupid or desperate to where they would ever consider hiring that clown of a coach Clay Helton.


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