Remember When USC Called Florida?

I’m old enough to remember Pete Carroll telling me that he called Urban Meyer at Florida to try and schedule a home-and-home series back in the glory days. Meyer declined. Carroll also tried to get Oklahoma to play a home-and-home series but the Sooners said no.

Now USC wants to play FCS teams.

Drum roll for the excuse brigade:

  • USC plays a 9-game Pac-12 schedule!
  • USC needs 7 home games!
  • USC plays Notre Dame!
  • USC has a lousy coach!

Also: I know a lot of SEC teams have easy non-conference schedules. But do any of you think USC would have a better record the past 10 years if it played in the SEC instead of the Pac-12?

17 thoughts on “Remember When USC Called Florida?

  1. SCooter,

    Are you telling me that out of 131 Division schools, no one wants to play USC except for the ones that are scheduled or have to schedule a game? Are you saying Lopes is not going after the big boys to play such as Florida St., Michigan, Penn. St. Florida, Clemson, or any other schools? I don’t understand why SC settled for Fresno and BYU for three times each in six years. What the heck is wrong with the schedulers? I guess they had to play golf with Swann and just booked the games in 15 minutes altogether. Pitiful scheduling.

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    1. Say What?!!! You need to define ranked FB teams.

      Little Petey Pom-Pom in 115 games went 96 – 19.

      You claim 67, Little Petey has a record of 35 – 9, “…against ranked opponents.”

      So it’s your contention, that 38% of Little Petey’s 115 games were vs ranked opponents?; but w/o a tick of evidence. Lest you forget 67, Dear Pusley has claimed in his numerous SW posts “that facts matter.”


    2. 35-9 is respectable and great. Unfortunately, Carroll’s record in the state of Oregon (away games) is 3-5, a far more important statistic. It contributed to USC not winning THREE national championships by missing the BCS National Championship game three times: 2006 (along with the UCLA choke job); 2007 (along with the Stanford embarrassment); and 2008 by itself. Win any one of those three games on each given years, and USC appears in the BCS National Championship game. Carroll could’ve won five straight national championships, which would’ve made him a legend. As Ted Miller correctly told me in 2005 (when I told him to lighten up on saying Pete wouldn’t win another NC after Norm Chow’s forced departure) “No Chow, no NC for Carroll’s teams”. Sadly, he was right. Nice going, Pete! And Pat. And Lane. And Sark. And Lynn….. SC’s arrogance is its downfall. Pre-emptively, eat mierde, Pudly, in advance, just so I don’t need to post again tonight.

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      1. Yes, Danny….

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      2. Who can forget the 41pt dog Stanford home loss?

        Danny has factually pointed out that Little Petey is better known for his ugly losses than his cupcake wins, and I, f course, agree.


  2. Remember that ‘diktat’ issued by that former SEC commissioner, after Auburn and AR back-to-back losses ‘Michael Slive’, no SEC teams were to play USC under any circumstances.

    Nothing changes until Helton and Swann are fired.

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    1. Given the state of USC football over the last 2 years, if I’m an SEC team in the lower half of the conference, I would schedule SC. Imagine the splash Ole Miss would make by coming to Haden’s Tower and beating Gomer on the road. The problem is that games are scheduled years in advance, and in 3-4 years you might have 2 games against a Trojan team that with the right coach resemble Carroll’s juggernauts

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      1. Agreed ‘where Keyshahska Josonska’ resides…again – as so many have noted – until this ass clown Heltonska Chevrolet is gone there will be no change whatsoever – none….fire that king of “I’m in a stone groove’ ‘ganja smoking’ Swann and then ‘sic’ the ‘dawgs’ on Heltonska’s back end….ayyyyy yooooo “I be the king!”

        Funny not much word on PMS today on how that bloated fat a$$ John Papa – jo momma’ did last night in his “I am Frank Sinatra” sleaze line did at that gin mill in the ‘white bread’ Redundant Beach – always reminds one of the ‘demoncrats’ with their patented mantra (BTW you bel-air tech fans can delete ‘Jack’ and put in ‘the peckerwood’ huh? yeah you shills for the abyss will huh?) but I digress…..

        “Jack our Jack…Bobbie…..Teddie….Lloyd/Lord (never worked a day in his life) Bentsen…Cousin Bill….Barakska ‘Chevrolet…’la bruja’….and [perv Bidenska


  3. Ok, ok already, we get the point, you are not in favor of scheduling an FCS team. Here is some food for thought SW: A Player’s Health v. Tradition.
    FACT: Players nowadays are bigger and faster than they were in the past which makes them more susceptible to injury (year round training, camps, and Spring football do their part as well). Everyone outside of SC, UCLA, and ND.strategically schedules an FCS cupcake to heal their wounds, play their backups, can come out flat on game day and not be afraid to lose. The FCS team isnt going leave much of a physical toll on the FBS team either.
    FACT: The ACC, B12, and B10, not just the SEC, have scheduling advantages. A couple years back, Michigan left the state of Michigan 1 time the entire year to play a game. One lousy time! You ‘re telling me that this isnt a huge advantage? FBS teams do this all the time.
    Lastly, I dont know how it affects recruiting and recruits, but by the way players are now skipping out on meaningless bowl games, it appears that recruits have become more self aware ,business savvy and know that unnecessary wear and tear on the body and head, isnt good for their playing future.An FCS opponent could be like that second bye week that benefits the team’s depth and health which, in the end, should always be considered when talking foosball.
    Traditions can be great unless they are detrimental to the individuals that have to uphold them.

    # alternateuniformsarenext

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    1. Agree with every word, Atruro. [And it never even occurred to me before how big a plus it might be for USC recruiters to be able to tell incoming freshman that we had scheduled a couple of games that could be great opportunities for them to shine]……

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      1. The glass is half full, MG. In a fair world, LSU wouldn’t schedule the Citadel. I admire USC football and their history is second to none and I just want to see them succeed on a level playing field.

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    2. So what you are saying is, “screw the fans who just want to see great games”—its too bad that a portion of SC fans just want to see blowouts–the rams and chargers are now here—any thoughts of Pete like sellouts are history!


  4. Clay Helton is a crap coach who has been exposed as being in way over his head, has been thoroughly outcoached time and time again and who has no business being the head coach at USC where he has failed miserably to develop the highly regarded talent USC annually recruits and signs. Helton has wasted so much talent at USC under his tutelage, it’s astonishing how USC and it’s BoT are not the least bit embarrassed having a know-nothing, second rate at best coach that Helton is, sink the Trojans football team and program into performing less than mediocre, just like his coaching.

    Lynn Swann is a figurehead A.D. that is clueless, shameless and collecting a multi-million dollar annual salary that he has never earned and doesn’t deserve.

    Both of the aforementioned idiots have been laughing all the way to the bank at USC’s expense, getting paid millions and millions of dollars to make complete fools of themselves while turning USC football and athletics into a laughingstock.

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  5. I wish Cal State Fullerton, and Long Beach still has teams, because they would be licking their chops to get at Bozo Helton, and his USC Trojans… 😂😂

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  6. It’s hilarious how Little Scottie takes an excerpt from an interview, about the possibility of scheduling an FCS opponent, and twists the narrative to say that “USC wants to schedule FCS opponents…” or that it is their ‘new direction’… Anything to steer his negativity I guess.
    Scheduling isn’t great, and nobody wants to see Arkansas St, Western Michigan, or UNLV on the schedule, but let’s not forget that Pete’s teams also played BYU, Colorado State, San Jose St, Idaho, Fresno St (closer than it should have been), and Hawaii also… Nobody was complaining about the scheduling then…
    Also keep in mind that these schedules are made several years in advance. While Fresno and BYU aren’t “powerhouses” these games weren’t arranged by Helton, but rather the same admin that was scheduling Virginia Tech, Auburn, Alabama, Texas in previous years as well.
    I guess it’s too much to ask Scottie Swordswoman to take all facts into consideration before he beats a dead horse to sway his negativity….


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